Intrepid Surfing in the Large Waves in Sabang Beach, Baler Aurora.

As I finished the Challenge ( Thanks JOJO for Capturing) 

Truly if you experienced one thing and you enjoyed it the most on the first attempt, surely the next thing you will do is to experience it again. Yes, I admit it especially Surfing. The first time I was able to balance myself on the waves was during my Zambales Tour. It was my memorable and glorifying involvement with the waves. So I promised myself to Surf again due to the fact that I enjoyed it a lot.

When we say Baler, it has something to do with Surfing. For surfers and surf wannabes this place is best and nearest among the surfing spots in the Philippines. Baler is famous for Cemento beach, Sabang Beach, and Baler Bay that offers its large sizes and tunnel-like waves which is perfect for practicing.

Moreover, Surfing is one of the itineraries of the said Baler Tour. When we arrived in the morning at the camp, the first activity I joined was the surfing lesson. I have my surf instructor named Philip who patiently taught me. “Do you know how to swim?” he asked. “I’m sorry Buddy, I don’t know how to swim but don’t worry this is now my second time do surfing”, I answered.

When I looked at the sea, I was scared because of the large waves; it was really larger compared to waves in Zambales. It was also raining, the sky is darker and Philip told me it’s because of low pressure. “Buddy, Don’t get scared, if you fall down, don’t get panic and just look for the cord , grab it and just ride back to the deck of the board.” He gave the instruction.

Philip and I
We went ahead going deeper, my heart started to beat faster when I noticed that I can’t feel anymore the sand on my feet. The waves are getting stronger as I tried to go deeper.  But Philip was still behind me pushing the surfboard. The experience was totally different, in Zambales. The Surfer can easily go to the deep part of the sea to wait for the incoming waves but in Baler it’s totally different, you need to struggle facing the large wave just to reach the deep part. However, the advantage in Baler, there’s no need for you to wait the waves because it is continuously coming every now and then. In addition, due to the strong current, you can stand up easily and balance right away unlike to the small waves in Zambales. Therefore I must say that in Zambales that’s advisable for the first timer and in Baler for advance surfer. No wonder many celebrities and professional surfer visits this place just to surf.

In just one hour surfing lesson, I learned to adjust myself from large and strong waves. But the best lesson I learned is to face you fear, regardless if I am not a good swimmer.
The Surf Instructors
After the lesson I got a chance to meet my instructor to personally thank him. I was able to have a short conversation also with his co- instructor. Until today, Phillip and I are still connected through Facebook and he invited me to visit back in Baler to surf for a discounted amount. Nice to hear right? That’s the advantage if you will have local friends in a place where you used to travel.

πŸ“ Location: Sabang Beach, Philippines

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