How Important the Photos in Travel Blogging?

A picture can speak a thousand words.

    Yes, it is, in travel blogging, for you to have a perfect post; you should attach a quality picture with it. A blog without a picture is boring and pale, how do I say so? A blog reader will surely visit your blog if photos are uploaded in an article that is also connected to the said topic compared to a blog without a photo. Winning the reader’s attention is to post colorful and interesting photos.

    Moreover, a reader’s behavior on their first visit is to skim the content of your blog. Remember the psychology of color. The more visually pleasant your blog is, the more readers you will gain.

    Let me share my photography tips and hope it will help you a lot.

    Research and  Anticipate

    In travel blogging, please be aware of your travel destination at least 50 percent general info about the location. You can do research on the internet about the location and what to expect once you arrive. By that, you can now anticipate what angle and approach that you need to prepare.  You can now figure out what is your main subject, and what story behind the location for you to create a topic.

    Shot and Shot until you got a low Battery.

    Remember, in capturing an image of an event or location make sure to capture all the angles without limit. The more you shot, the more options you can choose during writing an article. Try to capture every single moment because in capturing an image you let the time stops for a while in your hands. What happened during that moment will be part of history, and you cannot bring back time if you’re unable to capture it.

    Try to become a perfectionist.

    Nobody is perfect, but your output can be.
    Follow the Composition, imagine your photo cut into pieces, and ask yourself, are the pieces can still narrate the story without the other pieces.  If yes, during picture enhancing, you can easily crop the portion that narrates the story the most and trash the other.. Second follow the lighting, This is a very involved subject and here are a few main points. Shooting outside, remember that at midday the sun is at its harshest and, from a lighting standpoint, is the worst time to take a photograph. Next is the angle, Experiment an angle that can utilize your lens targeting the entire subject.

    Should I get closer or further away?

    As a travel photographer, beauty can’t only be seen within your lens but try to look at your left side, right side, back, and front. Sometimes, the best story can be seen not just towards the subject but sometimes the details within the subject can tell the story clearly.

    Write your Story from your Photo.

    Based on my experience, the more photos I have, the more stories I can write out of it. Writing my stories are based on my image; I am not a writer in nature but when staring my captured photos, a lot of ideas arise and I use those ideas to start writing. I choose the best photos, which describe the article, the most.

    I am very particular with my photos, before I publish them with my article; I enhance them using adobe photoshop. Enhancing your photo is a huge help to get the perfect combination of saturation, brightness and contrast, and color vibrancy.

    Don’t be afraid to meet other travel bloggers and ask for some tips. Remember, everyday is continues learning and don’t consider yourself as a best photographer because I believe that  there’s no such best photographer, however Best photography matters most. If you consider yourself as the best photographer, the tendency is you will stop now learning.

    Always remember, enjoy what you’re doing because the enjoyment will reflect on your output.

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    1. I try hard to capture the best photo I could yet until now, I'm still dreaming of that best one. I think I'll forever be a frustrated and trying hard photographer. hehe...


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