Up-close and Personal to Manuel L. Quezon by visiting Quezon Memorial Park.

First stop on our biking adventure around Baler was Quezon Memorial Park. This quiet and green park of trees and lawns was established in honor and in memory of the late president Manuel L. Quezon. An indicator fenced by solid and set on a circular cement platform serves as a landmark of Baler, it being the site of the late President Manuel L. Quezon’s birthplace and house. A bronze sculpture of President Quezon seated in his usual stately fashion serves as centerpiece of the park.

Who is Manuel L Quezon?

Historically, Manuel Quezon is the first Filipino to lead the government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines from year 1935 to 1944. Filipinos considered him as the second president next to Emilio Aguinaldo. Moreover, he is known as the “Father of the National Language”.

He died of tuberculosis Aug 1, 1944 at his age of 66.

Major Accomplishments during his leadership:

• He was able to solve the problem of powerless farmers in countryside
• Reorganization of the islands
• Enforced military defense
• Approved government reorganization
• Promotion of settlement and development in Mindanao
• Dealing with the foreign stranglehold on Philippine trade and commerce
• Land reform
• Opposed graft and corruption within the government

Meanwhile, it is very easy to visit the place. From Metro Manila, take any Baler Bus and drop of at Poblacion, Baler Bus Station. From the bus station at the Baler market, one can walk to the site that takes 3-5 minutes. This historical site is located just infront of Museo de Baler.

Manuel L. Quezon is one of the most influential icons in the Philippines. In fact, Major Landmarks were established and named after him as a tribute like in Quezon City Circle. But the most historical place is the place where he was born Baler and it is also the place where he met his wife Aurora Aragon Quezon.

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