Top 10 best Photos of 2013

I mentioned already in my previous articles that Photos are very important in Travel Blogs. Photos will show your article visually to your readers. 
In this year 2013, I will be posting my top 10 best shots. No story, no words, no explanations and no articles .Just purely images that I captured within this year with caption on it. Hope you will like it. 
This is part of remembering my past travels .

On the top of the mountain you will see a large picture that others can't do ( Tayuman, Binagonan Rizal)

No room to comfort  ( Baler, Aurora)

In the darkness, you will see more things clearly, open and easy to interpret. ( Sabang Beach, Baler)

In taking pictures, you will be able to stop time to be perished ( Quezon City Circle)
Breaking up is just a new start of beggining (Ermita hill)

A real paradise will only be visible during at night ( Boracay Island)

Love is like travelling in an Island, you keep on moving from one point to another ( Baler Aurora)

Urban living is good but you have to play it ( SM Moa)
A real friend will always be there in times of loneliness ( Aurora)

Nais kung ipagtanggol ( Luneta Park )


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