🏕️ How To Pitch a Tent as a Beginner?

In camping, pitching a tent is part of the activities that I extremely loved. But as a first timer, pitching is not easy; it takes patience to finish such task.  You might think that my first tent pitching was my elementary days wherein being a “BOY SCOUT” is a must.  But no, my first tent pitching was when I joined this backpacking group and our destination is Zambales.

Here are some of my tips, and surely these were also my personal experience.

1. Look for the Perfect Location.

Make sure that you have to more keen in choosing where to pitch your tent. Look for a place that when it’s raining, the water will now flow on it. Moreover, consider also a location where the abundant of trees exist, if ever when it’s daytime, there is a little shed from the trees that will lessen the heat. Avoid under the coconut tree, you’ll never when a coconut fruit falls down.

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2. Do not isolate Your Tent away from the Group.

Since it is a camp site, and you’ll never know what is in the surroundings, you must pitch you tent where now far away from the other campers. It is safe when someone can easily see you if ever fortuitous things arise. Think of someone can rob you easily if you are pitching away from your group mates and n one will notice.

3. Ask Help.

I must admit, as a beginner, it is confusing to figure out how to start and assembling the rods. if you’re backpacking with friends, there’s no harm on asking assistance .

4. Stability is a must.

Always make sure that when the tent is already erected, it is much stable as you might think. I’ve experience in BALER back then, since I only had a dome type of tent and I didn’t fasten it rigidly. When the typhoon arrived, it was surprised because everything was damaged.  So, if you think that your tent is not the “tadpole type”, then you must secure it and fasten it in the ground as possible.

5. Bring Your Room Inside The TENT.

I didn’t mean it literally, but it doesn’t mean that even if you’re just using tent, you’ll now sacrifice the comfort of your sleep. Make sure to set up a smooth and soft camping mattress and put light inside. Arrange your belongings in order to easy access every time you grab it. And lastly, relax and enjoy your stay.

Truly, pitching is not easy but if you’re able to do it, then you will no longer have any predicament in the future. Indeed, you’re required to pitch your own tent unless you’re gonna use hammock. But , just practice it and you can pitch your own tent like a pro moving forward.


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