πŸŽ™ EP3- Clan Among Gay Youngsters 🏳️‍🌈 Podcast by Jonathan & Allan.

A clan is an interactive group regardless of age , race and gender as long as the member are suitable for the group’s main goal. Clan members use phone, social networks and online chatrooms to communicate each other. Regular gatherings are also main goal of clans to meet random people. In this episode Tansyong Orbuda and Allan Aban talk about Clan – disadvantage and advantages of joining a clan. Listen and Enjoy Guys.
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πŸŽ™Listen to this podcast as they attempt to tackle "WHAT IS CLAN and BEYOND?" -in  the Filipino gay society. Airing on January 12, 2019 , Saturday at 11:00 PM Philippine Time; so make sure to set your reminder by click the "Remind" button below.
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