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Have you watched, NETFLIX's Series e.i 13 Reasons Why, You , and S*x Education? And so, before you watch it - please consider reading my review on it. If you aleady watched it - then please let me know which part of my opinion towards the series that you did not agree.
It has been 10 months since I signed up for this paid-streaming site named Netflix – not because I wanted to be always in the loop and just to be cool every time my officemates talk about what’s in their weekend’s list “must-watch” movies. But I just want to maximize my newly purchase Smart TV where-in Netflix is one of the pre-installed apps (not to mention Opera only offered Youtube and Netflix in their app store).

Since then, I started to get hooked in this platform, for the reason that - I can watch high quality movies and series that are produced for worldwide consumption - at the comfort of my bed whenever I want. I can pause, rewind and download those; aside from watching in my Smart TV, I can also watch those in my laptop and my android phone as well- such a convenience, isn’t it?

From then, my weekend habit is to indulge my PHP550 monthly subscription for this addictive platform (aside from Youtube of course). Here are my three series that I’ve watched.

πŸ“Ό 13 REASONS WHY? Series - Romanticizing Suicide But…
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When it was originally released on March 31, 2017 – it became talk of the town among Philippines’ young professionals. Undeniably, I can’t even talk about it since I wasn’t aware what is “13 REASONS WHY?” is all about as I don’t have to capacity to access Netflix that time, unless I can find it in torrent sites.  But when I already bought my TV, I then watched it.

13 REASONs WHY is American series with 13 episodes in season 1 and followed with another 13 episodes in season 2, after two years.  Telling the story is kind of unique to me because it uses narrator’s voice all throughout the season to tell the story among others like showing dialog scenes and B-rolls. I admit, on the first episode was boring for me, as building the foundation of the story is not that rigid to begin with. But after understanding and kept watching until I reached the third episode, it began to please my imagination asking the question “WHO TO BLAME THE DEATH OF HANNAH BAKER?”, until I realized that I finished the 13 episodes in one setting with numerous cups of coffee, eye bags and anything that associated with sleeplessness (excluding crystal meth, LOL!) .
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This series’ concept is putting glamour of suicide and I maybe a liar if I didn’t appreciate the fact that ending my life, if need arises is just okay – after watching such “lame series” but had powerful impact to my emotion. Yeah it is lame for me, as a Filipino consumer – I didn’t understand visually the activities that are shown in the series e.g. house party among students; Filipinos never (that I am aware) practice such recreational affair but why I was hooked with such dark story that isn’t culturally relatable to me as a Filipino. Is it because it showcases the other side of suicide where-in we’ve always taught that it is bad.  It is honestly, impacting to me, what more to those who are emotionally unstable and was able to watch such series that explain how easy and understandable to end up one’s life as soon as you reach the dead end of the road.

The “tapes” are just means to let the “creative writer” to convince the viewers to stay up until the end of the series. It was like hypnosis to each of us- to just hold on into each episodes and the retention is extremely powerful that Netflix was able to persuade me - to stay awake for 12 hours (with no fast forward of course). “13 Reasons Why” is a good and relevant story whom no one paid attention but it happened. It romanticizes suicide but no other way of catching viewers’ attention without putting glamour of a subject matter that is no one is talking. To glorify the saga of suicide.

πŸ“š YOU Series - Romanticizing Murder But…
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RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Yeah right! It is all about murder, a murderer and how he ended killing lives that are involved in his own life. “You Series” is an American psychological thriller web-television series. The main character is a good-looking man, bookstore manager who crosses paths by stalking to an aspiring female writer. They’ve been in-loved to each other to the point of – how many lives were already sacrificed to just continue the so called relationship. The mind torturing part is, even the main character can afford ending his girlfriend’s life because of various instigating situations happened.

Indeed, same thing with “13 Reasons Why Series”, aside from watching the whole season in one straight night, the story also uses narrator’s voice the whole show to acquaint with the story.  Well, don’t blame me of comparing this series against “13 Reasons Why Series” – aside from they’re both streamed in the same platform, they’re both mind and emotionally disturbing. This story don’t need gruesome images to tell how mind impacting the story is; just by showing in the eyes of the actors, using the orange tone of the color grading process and both static and dynamic shots of the scenes seem essentials to add up the total thrill of the story.

Unlike with “13 Reasons Why Series”, where-in majority of the images specially on daytime e.i. school scenes- are color saturated and the vibrancy of its pigments were extremely increased - to show the youth-ness; “You Series” with its dull orange and tilt, it help the story became more heavy and dramatic. I must say it became more matured story.  “13 Reasons Why Series”, used tape as a way to increase viewer’s retention and “You Series” used books to connect each dots of the story. Both used, momentous tangible symbol.

Watching this story till the end; seemingly watching the story behind the story of TED BUNDY – a good-looking and well-educated serial killer who killed 30 young ladies. It is to understand the tale of a man why he killed the people – it is because those people also brought heartache to him, those people instigate him to kill them, unconsciously.

Well, murder is a mortal sin but why after watching such series – it felt like it is okay to commit murder. Does passion of crime applies in this situation to escape the law, or should mental issue can be used to excuse such punishable crime. It is a battle between the result and why the crime has been done. It is question of being rational versus emotional. It is a question – who is really a human, the killer or the one being killed.

I must say that this series really gives me bothersome, because the underlying reason why man  can kill were highlighted and the storyteller was able to clearly narrate the story to the point that I can even say – it is okay to commit murder if need arises.

Indeed, YOU Series; Romanticizing Murder But…it is also an eye opener to all of us - paying attention and considering the two sides of the coin. There are two stories that need to be heard.

πŸ† S*X EDUCATION Series - Romanticizing S*x Problems But...
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RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 


I’ve been told and been heard this statement “Brain is the most powerful s*x Organ”. And partly, I must agree on it. Indeed, this series supports its statement.

At first, the title itself makes me interested in watching this series; you knew what I meant darlin’.  I was a victim of clickbait, lol!

 S*x Education is a British comedy-drama which I must say that the acting of the characters are way ahead of the acting skills from the two previous series that I’ve mentioned above – due to the fact it is British, my Gosh! We all knew they have standards in acting, unlike here in the Philippines, just because you’re in the Pinoy Big Brother‘s house and people love you, you’ll become actor (lol, I’m just being honest).

Anyways, back to this British thingy. This was premiered on 11 January 2019, and the algorithm of Netflix pushes me to watch this. When I opened my TV, that was the first one that I saw and by reading the title – it catches my attention, don’t judge me.   The story evolved as "a socially awkward high school virgin who lives with his s*x therapist mother and teams up with 'whip-smart bad-girl' named Maeve to set up a underground clinic to deal with their fellow students' weird, taboo and wonderful problem.

What I like about the story, diversity and inclusion both race and gender identity was practiced. You can see, Asians, Indians, White and Black were equally had chance to shine. Moreover, issues about LGBT e.i gayness and lesbianism were also tackled despite of its religious hinders.

It is comedic, seems watching American Pie Movie, but so weird feeling because whenever your libido starts to arise – a dramatic approach of the story will automatically exist; and your feeling changes drastically. I must hate Laurie Nunn – the proponent of this comical story with a heart. To be honest, comedy is the only way of telling such taboo topic which not all countries are open to talk about it. This may lead as an easy way of telling the story –make it lighter and funnier. Can you imagine talking about “s3x predicament” in a scary way e.g. horror or thriller? Seems like a salty ice cream!


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