πŸŽ‡ HAPPY NEW YEAR 🍾 Make-up Tutorial While Doing Mukbang and Touch Challenge.

Happy New Year Guys! In this #vlog, salubongin natin ang bagong taon ng puno ng tuwa at saya. And so, watch this video as the "BARKADA",will stay overnight in a condo unit located at #59 Col. Bravo St. Central Signal Taguig City, 6002 Taguig - to welcome the 2019. This is gonna be the official first #vlog for the year 2019 to celebrate the year of the PIG. Watch till the end because this video is a combination of your favorite CONDO TOUR with a twist - MAKE BANG - Make up video with Mukbang. Hope you'll enjoy!
Another funny video is on your way!

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We booked a condo-unit for our overnight bonding to celebrate the NEW YEAR 2019. Together with the gang - whom you guys already knew because they appeared multiple times in my previous vlogs  eg. “Why don’t you something” and “Cooking Show”; we have Chris Sevillano, Joshua Imfiel Pagaran , Roy Angelo FormosoWilliam "Princess" Pombo and Leonel Lacia.

The said condo-unit is RC Residences which located at #59 Col. Bravo St. Central Signal Taguig City, 6002 Taguig. For the amount of PHP 1600, we’re gonna celebrate our friendship with sort of crazy activities like make-up session with a twist.

Moreover, as what you always requested – Condo Tour, nothing to worry about, I’ll will also include that.

I hope that this vlog will give you a happy and good vibes!

🎬 Watch the vlog below for the condo tour, make up and more kulitan.

We also had a live session in my Youtube.

Here is also my live session in my PERSONAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. Wherein, drinking session naman ang laman.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and sana Good Vibes ang pasok ng 2019. Once again, Happy New Year!

πŸ“ Location: 59 Col. Bravo, Manila, 1630 Metro Manila, Philippines

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