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22 July 2017

Boholanos’ Unique Cultures and Practices in Celebrating Fiesta.

San Isidro in the Province of Bohol is my birthplace. This is my motherland since birth up until I graduated in High School. And since I grew up in this place, I am very knowledgeable what are the cultures and practices of the *Isidorian people specially in celebrating the town fiesta.

10 Things on what to expect when attending Fiesta in San Isidro.

1. It is a well-prepared event.

Town Fiesta is the most awaited part of the year rather than Christmas or any event. All the inhabitants are preparing the entire year just for this big happening. In fact the preparation starts right after the celebration of the preceding fiesta. Some saved money for it; some are nurturing livestock (e.g Pig, Cows, **Carabao and Chicken).  And it’s funny because if you’ll meet Isidorian people in a random setting, they will already inform you or invite you to go to their houses on upcoming fiesta knowing that there are still remaining 12 months before the celebration.

2. The Government and The Church became ONE.

We all knew, the Philippine constitution emphasized-the Government and the Church are two separate entities. But in San Isidro during Fiesta, this rule will be voided. Both the church and the local government unit (LGU) became one in reaching a goal – to have an extremely vibrant FIESTA (whatever will happen) .The St. Isidore Parish Church will conduct a fund raising event for the fiesta and the LGU as well.

3. League of Basketball exists during Fiesta.

A month or two before the fiesta, each Barangay will organize their own basketball team headed by their ****Barangay Chairman and Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Group) to present their banner in a League of Basketball. It is already part of the Isidorian Culture. The said game usually runs in a month or two; whoever the team that will win in grand slam will be joining the championship round which usually happened during fiesta.

4. Disco in an open field is a MUST.

According to Isidorian, fiesta will be boring without disco. It is an event that an open party will be conducted in an open field like plaza or anything that can accommodate a massive crowd. With a minimal amount of entrance fee, you can indulge the provincial way of partying. Most of the crowd are coming from San Isidro itself, from other towns or from greater Manila area. The event will usually be held twice – besperas night and fiesta night; this is also a fund raising event for the town development.

5. PORK LECHON is a symbol of Abundance.

Pork Lechon during fiesta is very symbolic. Households who will prepare a Lechon are those who can only afford. Indeed, it associates of wealth.  Some purchase Lechon from the stores in Tagbilaran but majority of the houses; they’ll roast their own nurtured pig as a sign of abundance. It is also a way of giving thanks to the whole year blessings.

6. A household without a single piece of pork during Fiesta will be cursed.

Yes, even those households that are belong in “below poverty line”; they will forcefully find ways just to have pork during fiesta. If you promised to slaughter your nurtured pig for the upcoming fiesta, make sure to fulfill it, because if not, it is believed that it brings you bad luck to your business or family on the next year.

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7. The SOCIO – concept.

If you’re not capable of having your own lechon or slaughtering your nurtured pig because of scarcity and you plan to sell it,  that is still fine.

 In San Isidro, a SOCIO exists. It is a Bayanihan style (cooperative) of certain organizations that collected a definite amount at the start of the year from the members; and lends it with corresponding interest rate. When fiesta comes, the earned money will be bought pigs, slaughtered and divided into how many members contributed at the start of the year. So it’s advisable to join a lot of socio groups especially if you don’t have a backyard piggery. SOCIO groups can be a faculty association, driver’s association, church association , market vendor association, carpenter’s association  or you can even create your own SOCIO group as long as the money that are collected earn in 12 months.

8. BRING HOUSE practice.

“Bring House” is a practice during fiesta, wherein the “celebrating household” will provide giveaways to “visiting relatives and friends” from other places, to be brought to their houses.  BRING HOUSE must be in a plastic bag and it can be uncooked pork or leftover foods (suman or bibingka) from the fiesta. In fact the “celebrating household” already anticipated and allocated a portion from the prepared foods for the “bring house”.

Indeed, it is somewhat a form of paying debt of gratitude because whenever you’ll attend a fiesta in another town, 100% you’ll be going back home with a plastic bag as well. However, you just have to return the favour when the fiesta comes in your own town.

9. ***TAGAY as a form of respect.

When you attend a fiesta in San Isidro, be prepared to get drunk because when you visit innumerable houses, they will offer you a glass of coconut wine. Offering a glass of coco wine to the random visitors is a gesture of welcoming them inside your house even if you don’t know them at all. Indeed, accepting the glass when you’re a random visitor is a form of respect to the owner of the house.
My experience was ridiculous, I’ve visited innumerable relatives in one day and I have to drink one glass in each house. I wasn’t prepared for it and I was slowly become dizzy as the day started to end. I even broke my three-day old Samsung S8+ because of drunkenness.

10. Fascinated with visitors from Manila.

This culture, I can really understand why? If you’re coming back home to Bohol from Manila during fiesta, you’re treated like a celebrity. All their attention will be yours – both hospitality and gossip. In my experience when I went back home after 15 years to attend the fiesta, all of my relatives that I visited were happy to see me.

Indeed, they have this thinking “ Ang yaman mo na “, without their awareness that I also suffered scarcity here in Manila.  If you are also coming from Manila, make sure to bring a symbolic pasalubong –  BWESKIT.

Truly, Bohol culture is distinctive. There might some similarities to other provinces yet Province of Bohol is still a place that I find unique. That province might not that well-developed but I am not ashamed of it; without Bohol there will be no Tansyong living in Manila.

*Isidorian - Inhabitants in the town of San Isidro
** Carabao - Water Buffalo
***Tagay - Cheers , a gesture of giving a glass of wine to a guest.
****Barangay - The smallest unit of Government. 

21 July 2017

The Best Birthday Gift Ever I Gave To Myself – New Condo Unit.


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All living things needs home, and so do we – humans – need it the most.  We allocated a portion of our income monthly for our house. That might be for a mortgage payment, rental payment or if you owned your house, you still spend for the maintenance on it. Undeniably, each one of us dreamt of having a decent place where we can take rest after a long day of working.  

Since I was in college, I already dreamt of owning a dwelling place. In fact, I set a time frame that when I reached 25 years old; I should have my own house and lot – under my name. I got extremely disappointed because when I reached 25, I still had no house. However, I was still staying on rental property. It saddens me as I didn’t hit my target time, so I gave up; and started to set another time frame for myself and slowly began to save money for it. Honestly, that was not easy; it was a mixed feeling of pressure and homeless.

Looking back in the past, after a quick computation of my paid rental for a span of how many years I am renting, I got alarmed because looking back to the whole amount that I paid for my rent, I can even now buy a new car in total.

Watch the video below. 
Please also don’t forget to subscribe my Youtube Channel (CLICK HERE). It is for free and you’ll get free updates to my future uploaded videos.

From then, I started to ask myself “Until when I’m gonna pay the rent and experience with no to little freedom of accepting visitors to hangout inside your place? Until when I’ll feel this unsecured feeling of being homeless?”  With those being asked, I started to search an affordable, micro-living condo which is located in the heart of the metro. I gave up the option of owning a house and lot after realizing that “house and lot” is not appropriate to the needs of the lifestyle that I’m living. I considered my enough monthly income to pay mortgage, the access to my work, and the place wherein many opportunities exist.  And so, the option of owning condo is the top of the list in decision making.

I got some negative feedback that owning a condo is not a practical option for a long term plan. But based on my rational thinking – it is practical for me because the “call of my income source” is located in the urban zone. Indeed, long term versus short term plans is both subjective to each one of us. Your perspective in of a short term might long term for me. I don’t wanna live in a house and lot located in remote areas like Cavite, Rizal or Bulacan wherein I need to travel two-three hours every day just to get to the workplace. This property is perfect for me as a simple employee, Filipino Youtuber , Lifestyle and Travel blogger.

With my determination and strong belief in my dream, I got now a newly built condo located in the metro. I’ll be moving soon on September 2017 and I considered it as the best birthday gift to myself ever, among others. Though I wasn’t able to get it on my 25th Birthday but every blessing comes in the right timing. And now I realized why I didn’t get that dreamt “house and lot” based on my set time frame because every event has a reason.  Maybe that was not for me.

My newly condo unit – I might say that this is one of my best achievements as an individual who is dreaming. Though, my condo unit is quite small but I knew that all of my needs in a home concept – I can get it – accepting my visitors and allowing them to hang out without any fears of getting your landlord mad.  Indeed, it is a micro-living concept, small but homey and that’s what matters that most to me. I’ll no longer pay for the rental and later on I’ll still ended up homeless. Instead, my mortgage bill is like a saving that later on, I’ll still end up having my home under my name.

Truly, I just realized that it’s not the size of the house or the price matters. It is about giving yourself a decent place where you can take rest after a long day of working far away from any bothersome of innumerable “What ifs”. I’m not bragging to you guys that I got a new condo yet this is a way for me to motivate you – you can also dream and slowly reach it with your determination and perseverance. Never get disappointed if you initially didn’t reach your goal because it is sweeter if you’ll hit it in DUE TIME.

20 July 2017

📹 It was so Unlawful in the World of Customer Service Representative. – William Pombo.


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William “Princess” Pombo is working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for five years now. He cached me up in my home and I let him listened a call while recording his reaction. The call was about a technical issue of a newly-buy laptop. The caller needs help on getting a new battery by calling the technical support. However, the TSR didn’t get the root cause of the problem; instead, he stocked into the script of the call and didn’t come up the resolution into a timely manner.

“That was unlawful in the world of CSR”, Pombo said.

“Even in a simple social conversation, you’ll get irritated when someone kept asking you the same question over and over even if you already gave the information” he added.
Meanwhile, the said call became viral in the social media –facebook. It was shared several times by BPO workers and went trending.  I also let Mellisa Perilla listened the same call in a separate video (Click here), Mellisa Perilla is a process trainer in a BPO company.

Watch the video below as William Pombo listens and reacts such call. Please also don’t forget to subscribe my Youtube Channel (CLICK HERE). It is for free and you’ll get free updates to my future uploaded videos.

19 July 2017

Fun Getaway at Bet ‘N Choy Farm & Resort – Catigbian,Bohol.


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Together with my High School Batchmates – Mirazol , Celyn, Adonis, Melgerie and Dong-dong. We agreed to have a getaway to the nearest resort as much as possible. This plan is a part and a continuation of our “San Isidro High School Grand Alumni Homecoming 2017”. The original plan was to go to Panglao Island yet the majority agreed that it is much better to choose the nearest one. The agreement was being formulated during our first day of Reunion Party held in San Isidro National High School on May 11, 2017.

May 16, 2017, right after the celebration of the San Isidro Town fiesta, we headed towards Bet N’ Choy Farm and Resort which is situated in Catigbian, Bohol. We were disappointed because those who originally attended the meeting did not join and we were only few to continue to the said getaway. But we still continue executing the plan.

We brought the leftover foods from the Fiesta – Lechon Paksiw and we drove towards the resort. Mirazol, together with Celyn drove her car and Melgerie and I rode with Adonis in his car. While our policeman batchmate named Dong-dong drove his motorcycle. Indeed, we’re only few but everyone was excited.

Bet’N Choy Farm and Resort is a newly established recreational place in the Province of Bohol. It offers a lot of swimming pools that has corresponding prices of the entrance fee that will surely fit your budget. There are also cottages to choose to, depending on your needs. This resort is perfect for Boholano’s and visitors from different surrounding provinces of Bohol. Bet’N Choy resort is a family friendly place since this is a family owned business by one of the town’s ex-mayor. Undeniably, the names of the pools and places inside are named after their sons and daughters.
Infront of the SNACK BAR – where you can pay for the pool entrance and cottage. It is a separate fee from the main entrance.

I noticed that the entire vicinity was still under construction and continuously expanding the area. In fact, this place is a talk of the town due to its newly built pools and the facilities were also latest and clean.
Ice cream time (From the left) Celyn Balatayo Orbuda, Melgerie Samuya, Adonis Astronomo, Jonathan Orbuda and Mirazol Pasco.

On my first glance when we arrived, it reminded me of a theme park which is the same concept in some resorts in Luzon. But the difference of Bet’N Choy , it is situated in the middle of nowhere .This is perfect if you really want to escape the urban zone and  you want to change your surrounding into fully green trees and plants.
Bonding moment with Adonis Astronomo. During our high school days, he was one of the womanizers in the batch 2004.

Infront of Doni Ray Lagoon ‘n Cavern Spa. Unfortunately , we were not allowed to swim inside this pool because it wasn’t part of our paid entrance

I tried to flirt the guard in Doni Ray Lagoon ‘n Cavern Spa so that we can go inside and take some photos.

Upper view,  as Melgerie captured my landing moment at the pool after the breath taking slide.

Honestly, I did not enjoy the slide. It was so scary; I just did it for my VLOG.

Our Kulitan Moment with Adonis as we played Karate.

Indulging the moment. (Picture by Melgerie)

Adonis and I, inside the Cavern – A cave concept pool wherein the light’s color changes every now and then.

(From the left) Adonis Astronomo, Jonathan Orbuda and Diosdado “Dong-dong” Sumipo . I never imagine that these two guys are now dad and it is obvious on their tummy. 

As we are going to climb to the top of the “VIEW DECK”

At the top of Bet ‘n Choy viewing deck. (From the left), Diosdado “Dong-dong” Sumipo – he is now a policeman, married with one kid. Mirazol Pasco, a seaman’s wife with one kid and a businesswoman. Melgerie Samuya – she is working in the police station as non-uniformed employee. Celyn Balatayo – a seaman’s wife and working wife. Adonis Astronomo -  a seaman.Jonathan Orbuda – Employee, Youtuber and Blogger.

On the top of Cavern

Inside the Cavern.

Truly, it was a fun getaway with my childhood friends; all of us are already matured and each of us has each own walks of life, but I saw on their face while we were enjoying the jiffy that they missed so much their childhood. I saw how they became stubborn, wild, crazy and limitless when were at the moment and it shows on their gestures, laughter and smiles.

17 July 2017

Why Adobe Photoshop is Important to Me?


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Creativity is not enough in creating content. You still need some help from the technology side to enhance the final output.  In blogging, photos are part of the final output to produce a visual in the story.Indeed, you need to consider that unpleasant photos will ruin the totality of the output no matter how good the story is. Especially in the world of internet, it is a competition to get the attention of the netizen and how you’ll keep their attention to finish reading your articles.

This is not a sponsored post or whatever from the ADOBE Companies, but I highly love their product named Adobe Photoshop. I’ve been maintaining this blog for how many years and Adobe Photoshop is part of it.

 Using this software as a photo editor needs familiarization so that you can maximise the full potential of this.  At first, I had hard time using this editor since I have no knowledge about it –at all. I just watched my friends in college as they we’re editing photos for the publication – wherein I was also part of the said group.

I was amazed how they turned a dull photo into a dynamic and eye-catching output. They’re even removing the pimples from the faces in just a simple eraser. From then, my I started to study in my own on how to use such software. This software made my photos worth blogging (Click here for the sample). Even posting in my social media – twitter,facebook and Instagram – I’ll make sure that there is no raw file that I uploaded instead it will go first to the hand of  my beloved Adobe Photoshop.

Until now, I am still using this software for my blogs and for my client’s projects; simultaneously learning some techniques (Learning is continues though). Some smart phones now offered photo editor software and there are also online photo editor that you can be downloaded on your smartphone but I still prefer Photoshop due to its capacity to edit and enhance the way I wanted.

 That is it for today, I just want to share you guys what I used to edit and enhance my photos online. If you’re an online content creator, aside from Photoshop, what photo editor you used? Leave your comment below.

16 July 2017

♫ Justin Timberlake - Mirrors (Cover Song by Tansyong Orbuda)

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This is one of my favorite songs - Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. It has been a while I created a cover song, and I missed it. So, in this blog post I'll be singing my own version of Mirrors.

I recorded my vocal using my Samsung A5 and I used Sony Vegas to enhance. It is my first time to create a vocal production using software editor. I just learnt this by just watching Youtube instructional videos.

Hope you'll like it.

13 July 2017

📹 Visiting My Beloved Past Grandparents.

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In this video - part of my “Bohol Homecoming” is to drop by and visit my grandparents’ remains at the memorial garden of San Isidro, Bohol. I promised to myself that I wouldn’t push the boat out at the fiesta and alumni reunion alone without visiting my two beloved individuals who were part of who I am today-My Lola Rita and Lolo Roman.

It was too sad because I wasn't able to attend on their both burials in two separate events due to the call of my work. I was working in a BPO company that time and they didn't allow me to go home since they're not my legally immediate family. It was painful to me because they're the one who nurtured me since birth up until I graduated high school. They’re even my parents to be real.

But it’s not too late to visit them, isn’t it? Because I knew they understand me during the time that I need to prioritize my work. I may lose them and simultaneously lost my job if ever I went home for the burial. It was not easy for me chose my job over these people who took care of me and supported me when I need a parent’s figure. Mostly, if your relatives in the province can’t understand me – on my decision. They thought that I already forgot where I came from; they assumed that I’ve changed since I’m now residing in the metro.

Indeed, reminiscing those times will always haunt me. But I was trying to be strong that time-trying to sugar-coat everything that perhaps my past Lola and Lolo understood my situation. I just ignored the condemnation that I got from my micro-minded relatives. What matters the most, I love my Grandparents and it doesn’t mean that without my existence on their last day, I already forgot them.

Sorry! This post is kind of emotional.

Watch my Vlog:

Photos below :

03 July 2017

#MotivationalMonday ; Why Not To Blow The Candle Of Others?


There are two types of person in this world that you might had encounter – those who are happy when others are down and those people who are unhappy seeing others having difficulty. If you’re one of those people who are unhappy seeing others’ downfall; then you must be a fortunate one. Why I said so, because you have this virtue that no one can put a price on it.

Remember, blowing other’s candle will not make your candle brighter. In fact, it will just lessen the light and it might give both of you a darker pathway.

In this short Photo Blog, I hope that you will consider evaluating yourself. Happy Monday!

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Location: Virgin Island Beach , Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.

26 June 2017

#MotivationalMonday 😙 The Best Answer To a Question, Why You're Still Single?



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Can you still remember my VLOG post about “why being single is an advantage?” , if not you can watch it here. I did that video due to the fact that a lot of us never see the bright side of being single. We kept on dwelling on the feeling of emptiness. We felt envy deep within every time we see couples holding hands while walking. We even cursed them – “Maghihiwalay din kayo”. I know all of you guys can relate on this because I also experience such feeling.

Indeed, we even feel self-pity every time you go out for a dinner alone and ended up eating on a table full of savoury foods yet no one is sharing with you at the moment. Damn! That’s so painful, isn’t it?

If you are also single in a long span of time (e.g. years or more), your friends, families and workmates will keep on asking the tough question – Why you’re still SINGLE?. That scenario will pressure you to commit into a relationship even if you’re not yet ready. And worst case, you’ll end up to a wrong person that will later on make you more down.

Undeniably, there’s one thing you forget why you’re in hurry to have a relationship and that is indulging your singleness. Why I have the guts to write this, because we are on the same page. I am also single for how many years now and same with you – I went to a situation wherein I questioned myself “What’s wrong with me?”. I even felt down whenever I grabbed a bite in a restaurant alone. On the latter part, it didn’t help me anymore – dwelling on that situation. And that was no longer healthy for me.

To cope up such down moment, I spent my idle time going out with friends, I made myself busy e.i. writing my blogs, editing videos for my YouTube, travelling alone, and focusing on my work so that I can pay my bill. I didn’t dwell on the sad part of being a single yet I take advantage my singleness to evaluate myself , make myself value-laden, and above all I kept this statement into my heart and mind – TRUE LOVE WAITS.

Happy Monday Guys.. And I hope this blog helps you to stay happy for the rest of the week.

19 June 2017

#MotivationalMonday : Are You Having Hard Time To Move Forward?

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Hello Guys! I knew that Monday is the day of the week that you despised the most. This is the day that will remind us that we have to back to reality - especially to those who came from the weekend travel. This is the day that we need to work for a living.

And so, let me motivate you with this simple Photoblog of mine that was taken during my Marinduque Travel with the caption “NO MATTER HOW FUCOS YOU ARE ON YOUR FUTURE, IF YOU HAVE UNFISNIHED BUSINESS FROM YOUR PAST, and THIS WILL HIND YOU TO SUCCESS”

This is something that will pull you back - e.g. these are your hatred, anger, pride and alike - that sometimes it is hard to let go but we have to. These are intangible things that we got from our childhood and we carried as of today. And up until now, we still include it inside our baggage which made us more having hard time to step towards the right path because of the heaviness.

Indeed, it is easy to write an advice or utter the words "WE HAVE TO FORGIVE”, isn't it? In reality it is the opposite but it is easy when we start emptying our hearts from any pollutions and toxic - controlling you to be taught how to finish your business from the past.

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