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19 June 2017

#MotivationalMonday : Are You Having Hard Time To Move Forward?

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Hello Guys! I knew that Monday is the day of the week that you despised the most. This is the day that will remind us that we have to back to reality - especially to those who came from the weekend travel. This is the day that we need to work for a living.

And so, let me motivate you with this simple Photoblog of mine that was taken during my Marinduque Travel with the caption “NO MATTER HOW FUCOS YOU ARE ON YOUR FUTURE, IF YOU HAVE UNFISNIHED BUSINESS FROM YOUR PAST, and THIS WILL HIND YOU TO SUCCESS”

This is something that will pull you back - e.g. these are your hatred, anger, pride and alike - that sometimes it is hard to let go but we have to. These are intangible things that we got from our childhood and we carried as of today. And up until now, we still include it inside our baggage which made us more having hard time to step towards the right path because of the heaviness.

Indeed, it is easy to write an advice or utter the words "WE HAVE TO FORGIVE”, isn't it? In reality it is the opposite but it is easy when we start emptying our hearts from any pollutions and toxic - controlling you to be taught how to finish your business from the past.

12 June 2017

🎧 My First Radio Guesting Brings Me Back To My Original Dream.


🎧 -  I’ve been dreaming that one day my voice can be heard by the people within the specific demographic. Since I was a kid, I kept on listening various radio programs while trying to imagine myself that I am one the hosts. After I graduated and I started working, I didn’t give up my dream. I found a platform that helped me to continue my dream – the podcast. I did a podcast as a sideline every weekends and simultaneously working for a living every weekdays – that was not easy.
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 A Podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can subscribe to so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player. I bought an affordable podcast microphone and started to record topics that are close to my heart.  From then, my exposure in broadcasting became attainable for me.I learned a lot from it. However, I decided to give my podcasting passion due to financial scarcity because I need to pay for the website where I can host my audio files.

I did not consider RADIO as a platform for this (hosting) anymore because penetrating the radio is not easy. Indeed, I also gave up my podcasting due to its maintenance (financially). But the resourcefulness and skills will never stop. Fortunately, I found a new platform recently that I extremely consider as a medium to pursue my dream –youtube. But youtube is not easy as well, because you need to produce video in synch to the audio to produce a story (both visual and auditory) – so called webcast.

Since I enjoyed doing my youtube videos, I almost set aside my dream of being a radio broadcaster instead I opted to become a content creator in my own channel. Undeniably, Youtubing is very similar in radio broadcasting, you just need to be more creative, vibrant and engaging to your audience; and I enjoyed it a lot though it really takes a huge effort to produce content. But the feeling is so glorifying.

Until an opportunity came, I met this youtuber in one of the youtube events. We collaborated for a webcast on his channel – it became viral; and that makes him considered me to guest in his radio show. I was in Bohol when I received that news and upon hearing the word “RADIO”, a flashback happened, the feeling is indescribable specially it was really my original dream – being heard.

But as time goes by, innovation is always changing the lives of the people and it also changes my dream. This day Youtube is the number one platform that I can use to reach my dream.

Watch the video below.

You can watch the full episode here

10 June 2017

📹 Mystical Experience in the Enchanted Cave of Bolinao, Pangasinan.

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📹The entrance fee per person is amounting to PHP150 and you can maximize the amenities inside the resort. If you’re gonna bring your own car, a separate bill for the parking is somewhat frustrating. Aesthetically, the resort is not a typical resort – the surrounding is abundant of rock formations that add up the character and distinctiveness of the place from the other resort. The place is mystical visually due to the various sceneries that remind me of a fairy tale.

I was supposedly filming my whole experience there but unfortunately the battery of both my camera and phone got empty before I reach the actual cave. The cave is under the ground. You need to pass through in a laddered-narrow hole going down under. When I reached under the ground, there is a 6-ft.natural pool with rope installed around it for safety of the guests. Since that was weekend, the cave was over crowded. The cave’s natural pool is not relaxing for me to swim because of the congestion. I tried to soak and the water is cold but I had hard time breathing. Indeed, that was pretty weird – cold water yet hot atmosphere; and so I decided to get out.

I went back outside and buy some “pasalubong” since there are stores selling local merchandise. There’s also an available eatery right at the entrance but I don’t know the prices of the foods.
Overall, roaming around inside the resort is physically tiring but the urge to see the amazing and picturesque views in all corner of the resort is indescribable
You can watch my incomplete footage below.

09 June 2017

When Provincial Ramp Models Walk...

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When we utter  the words “Ramp and Catwalk Modeling” , we usually associate it with classy  men and women who are living in the urban zone, with  (somewhat ) cozy images that can only be visible in the city. These are individuals who can walk with confidence in front of anybody due to their upbringing – uptown people.

When I went back home to my province (after 13 years)  – Bohol. I never imagine that live mannequins exist in this rural place of San Isidro. In celebration of St. Isidore ‘s Fiesta, Cabanugan people conducted a variety show entitled “Cabanugan Live” – which noticeably an adaptation of Sunday noontime show ASAP

Indeed, several of segments were demonstrated on the said night show – singing, dancing, game-show (I’ll upload all the videos in my youtube channel soon) and above all, modeling. I was surprised on how the modeling segment was executed by the chosen youth from Barangay Cabanugan. The men were so gorgeous; and the women were all visually amazing on their high heels.

Until now, while I’m writing this blog, I can still remember the show – that was remarkable. I never thought that this remote Barangay can produce talented models. Maybe, I just underestimated the aptitude of the natives of this Municipality since it has been 13 years when I left San Isidro. But upon watching these models, I must say –their capacity can obviously compete those veteran models here in Manila.

Watch the video below.

08 June 2017

🎤 Let Us Sing Together ♬ Love On Top By Beyonce 🎶

What's going on guys?

It's me Jonathan Orbuda, your blogger and of course frustrated singer. Lol! 😅 Yes! That is right, if you are my youtub subscriber, maybe you've watched already my videos - most of those are cover songs. 🍭 Ewan ko ba! I really love singing and emulating my idols. Infact, in this blog post, I'm going to feature my cover of Beyonce's Love On Top.

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"Love On Top" is a song recorded by American singer Beyoncé for her fourth studio album 4 (2011). But up until now,this song is really timeless for me. "Di' siya naluluma!" Indeed, this song's musical composition, as well as Beyoncé's vocals and versatility, positively surprised critics. Beyoncé sang "Love On Top" live at 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, announcing her pregnancy at the end of her performance.

Recently - 2016 to be specific, this song is one of the winning pieces of Tawag ng Tanghalan;s finalist named Jex De Castro.

Oh, diba? iba talaga ang version na mataas sa babae pero binigyan ng justice ng lalaki.

With that being said, here is also my own rendition of it. haha! Let us sing together. Actually,I'm using a desktop microphone that I bought from CDR-King and I enhanced my vocal using AUDACITY. I used my laptop  web camera to record the video and edited it using Windows Movie Maker.

04 June 2017

Britney Spears Setlist of Songs For Philippines - MOA ARENA.

Hey guys, I know that Philippine B*tches are ready now for the Mother B's Concert on JUNE 15,2017 at SM Mall Of Asia ARENA, and so am I.

I really love Britney Spears since I was 12 years old when I heard her songs. And now, I'm 29 years old, I am so excited because I can see now my idol.

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Meanwhile, do you guys know what are songs or line up that Britney will sing.

Here is the list :

Work B**ch
Break The Ice
Piece Of Me
Baby One More Time
Oops... I Did It Again
Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
Me Against The Music
Gimme More
Scream and Shout
Boys (Co-ed Remix)
Do You Wanna Come Over?
Missy Elliott Mix
Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
I'm A Slave 4 U
Make Me
Do Something
If U Seek Amy
Breathe On Me
Slumber Party
Touch Of My Hand
(You Drive Me) Crazy
Till The World Ends

03 June 2017


Hello guys.

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In this blog post of mine, I’m going to share you a Vlog episode from M.A. Buendia ‘s Youtube Channel. M.A. Buendia is a youtuber highlighting BPO and Call Center topics. In fact, he is one of the social media influencers as of these recent days who create a noise online due to his motivational concept and niche on his social accounts – twitter and facebook.

I met him in a YouTube event, we collaborated for a video and he uploaded it to his Youtube Channel - entitled “STRUGGLES OF A CALL CENTER NEWBIE & HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE BPO INDUSTRY!”. The said video became viral in facebook and in YouTube as I genuinely narrated my embarrassing moments when I started in the BPO Industry.

Watch the video below as I will narrate my humble beginning in the Call Center Industry.

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21 May 2017

🔴 Live : Call Center Radio Featuring Jonathan Orbuda 7AM to 8AM - DZRJ 810Khz ( 8 Trimedia)


Catch Youtuber/Vlogger & Call Center agent, Jonathan Orbuda tomorrow on our show as he shares some of his funny experiences when he joined the BPO industry.

You may join the Live discussion on Facebook via 8 TriMEDIA DZRJ 810 AM Radio. See you, mga kateammates! #CallCenterRadio

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The Video Below is a 🔴 LIVE BROADCAST... Call Center Radio will air 7AM. If the video is not playable - you can watch it here.

21 April 2017

📹 10 Dynamic Ballroom Stunts In Preparation For YouTube Space Manila 2017.


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#YouTubeSpaceMNL aka YouTube Pop-up Space Manila is a four-day event happening on April 28 -May 1, 2017 in BGC Art Center, 26th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines. YouTube brought this to the Philippines to provide workshops to Pinoy Youtubers and let them experience the so called "YOUTUBE SPACE".

YouTube Space is a production facility wherein it support YouTube creators to produce great content, attend networking events and making meaningful connections with numerous creators/industry professionals/etc, and attend production workshops to YouTube seminars to level up the skills you need. Youtube Space currently have 9 Spaces across 9 cities (LA, NY, Toronto, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Sao Paolo, Mumbai). And now, they bring it to the PH.

I'll be attending the YouTube Vlog Production Workshop on April 30th at 5pm! whic Demonstrate how to properly set up a camera and expose for a subject, using the most essential functions on a camera: ISO, F-Stop, etc ;Identify different colour temperatures and basic lighting modifiers in order to properly light a subject in various environments (daylight, interior light, mixed light) Compare the various audio recording tools available within your budget and determine which tool is appropriate for your video(s). (Thanks to Su-Zen Low-Community Manager, YouTube APAC).

And hopefully, I'll be getting a chance to shoot the "Instructional Video” right at the YOUTUBE SPACE.


13 April 2017

📹 TIP - How To Travel Cheap To Puerto Galera , White Beach.

I've been travelling to White Beach, Puerto Galera for mayny times. In this Vlog I'll be featuring my experience on how to travel to White Beach, Puerto Galera with some tips to avoid opportunist that you might encounter.

For the comprehensive instruction, tips and tricks on how to stay and party in White beach Puerto Galera the  least expensive way (during peak season like Holy Week)  - Click here. 

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Notice on the stimestamp 3:43 in the video, someone asked me if what hotel i'll staying - I did say " Finnese Residencia" Kindly  Click here for my review about the hotel.

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