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20 February 2017

Balut (Chicken Embryo) Eating Challenge Becomes Tutorial.


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Even if balut/balot might not sound appealing if you haven't grown up with it, nor eat - it does make a nutritious snack, high in protein and calcium. A serving of balut contain 188 calories, including 14 grams each of protein and fat, 2 milligrams of iron and 116 milligrams of calcium. So today, another food trip day  ang ipapakita ko sa inyo.

February 19, 2017 – Sunday at exactly 5:30PM, I went out to look for something to eat, when I saw this young vendor selling ballot. I bought three pieces and came up the idea of “why not filming me while eating these three?”

The video below is really spontaneous. While eating, I also did some research about the nutritional facts of such delicacy so that I have something I can narrate on my Vlog.  Undeniably, “Balot” is really one of my favourite exotic foods because the broth inside the egg is very savoury.  There was even one time –way back in my college days - I was able to consume eleven pieces in one sitting. Truly “Balot” is healthy aphrodisiac but always remember whatever is too much is not advisable especially ballot contains high cholesterol.

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05 February 2017

Reasons Why Being Single is More Fun Than In Relationship.

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Hello guys! It’s February 2017 and Love is in the air (I can feel it). Being in a relationship – successful and happy relationship to be precise- is the ultimate goal of everybody now (pahabol ‘ika  nga).  Undeniably, while everybody is busy towards the Valentine’s Day, there are few individuals who are still searching their better half; to the point that they are pressured to get a partner and avoid emptiness this Heart Month.

Well well well! In this Vlog post of mine, I’ll be highlighting and putting up the positive side of being a single. Indeed, I come up this topic since a lot of you guys can relate to this. I created this video due to the fact that there is always a positive viewpoint on“#StatusSingle” that most of us – we are scared.

Watch the Vlog below. This was recorded at the pool area of Cambridge Village, Pasig City. I hope that after watching such video, you’ll realize that we have to be grateful why you’re still single. Be happy.

If you like the Vlog, don’t forget to hit subscribe button on my Youtube channel & give a massive thumbs up. I challenge you “Can you give me reasons why being single is more fun?” Just leave your comments below.
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01 February 2017

Flood In the Philippines, Be Like..


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Flood is an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, especially over what is normally dry land. In Manila, Philippines and/or provinces, flooding is normal since the country is surrounded by bodies of water – sea, rivers and lakes.  In addition, flooding is an economic issue of the country specially the safety of the Filipinos.

“Uulan lang ng kaunti , eh tataas na ang baha” , there are reasons also on why there is a rapid increase of water level even in a light rain. E.g, improper garbage disposal – it results to drainage-clogging – mostly in the urban zone.

In this Vlog episode, I’ll show you how it looks and feels like to get stranded in the middle of increasing “water level” in just a light rain.  Allan and I went to “Joey’s Burger” in Bumatay St. Manadaluyong City to grab a bite, while we indulged our food, we didn’t notice that it was already raining outside.  We were shocked when we can no longer go home after we eat due to the quick increase of water level. Even the tricycle drivers were not accepting passengers anymore.

Watch the video below.

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16 January 2017

Kenny Rogers Roasters' Experience With William & Belle.


Hey guys, how are you? In this blog post of mine, I’ll be sharing my experience personally in this resto located in SM light mall , Boni MRT. Together with William and Belle – we decided to drop by to grab a bite after our night shift. Literally, we never planned such breakfast. Originally, we agreed to have a breakfast sa ilalim ng MRT sa Boni MRT but we change our plan kasi naman nakatakong si Belle.

 Watch the video below:

02 January 2017

💢 Why Vlogging In the Philippines Isn't Easy.🙎


Vlog is now a new flat form of sharing content online.  A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts. The vlog category is popular on YouTube.

I am a blogger but I decided to do a Vlog lately because of the rapid change of needs in online media. My readers preferred watching videos rather than reading my article. Indeed, Vlog is more interactive. Joining in a Vlog World is not that easy for me. It takes courage and sacrifice to run a Youtube Channel especially I am a full time employee.

Blog is totally different from Vlog because in Blog- you can seek perfection through editing the photos and editing the articles before you publish. To be honest, you can pretend in your Blog post but in Vlog, you have to be yourself because viewers are now wiser in watching and subscribing channel. It is a rough transition for me but I still have to be flexible especially in a fast pacing world – online users are lazy to read articles ; they opted watching videos instead.

In the Philippines, Vlog is very fresh. In fact as a Vlogger I’m really having hard time recording outdoor video since security guards consider it as a security threat.  Recording video and talking in front your camera is very awkward because people will stare on you while doing it in public - they find it so strange that someone is talking to the camera; unlike doing selfie Filipinos are used to it.

💖 My Cover Song 💙 - 💜 Walking In The Rain by A1 💛


Way back 1999; I was hooked up by this British-Norwegian boy band named A1. Well, that time – boybands really dominate the music industry.  Aside from their romantic songs they are also talented and good-looking wherein everyone is emulating and singing their songs. In fact, I am the one of them who got crazy.

The members of the boy band are Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen, and Mark Read.

Up until now, I can still sing their song w/o lyrics in front of me. Indeed, after 18 years, karaoke apps in android are now available; so we can easily sing their romantic songs, record it and upload in various social media.

Meanwhile, let me share my cover songs of “Walking in the Rain”. It is one of the songs of the debut album “Here We Come”-released on December 1999.

29 December 2016

Tips: Plan Your Vacation Ahead Of Time 🙈 2017 Philippine Holidays.


Plan your Vacation Leave ahead of time as Malacañang has already released the list of holidays for 2017. It is beneficial for us to know this as early as possible so that we can book seat sale for your travels and file your vacation leaves to your employer.

President Rodrigo Duterte signed Proclamation No. 50 on August 16. It was released for public dissemination on Thursday, August 18.

The regular holidays are:

January 1, 2017, Sunday – New Year's Day
April 9, 2017, Sunday – Araw ng Kagitingan
April 13, 2017 – Maundy Thursday
April 14, 2017 – Good Friday
May 1, 2017, Monday – Labor Day
June 12, 2017, Monday – Independence Day
August 28, 2017, last Monday of August – National Heroes' Day
November 30, 2017, Thursday – Bonifacio Day
December 25, 2017, Monday – Christmas Day
December 30, 2017, Saturday – Rizal Day

Special (non-working) days:

January 2, 2017, Monday – based on Proclamation No. 117
January 28, 2017, Saturday – Chinese New Year
February 25, 2017, Saturday – EDSA Revolution Anniversary
April 15, 2017 – Black Saturday
August 21, 2017, Monday – Ninoy Aquino Day
October 31, 2017, Tuesday – additional special (non-working) day
November 1, 2017, Wednesday – All Saints' Day
December 31, 2017, Sunday – last day of the year

Filipinos will also have special holidays for the observance of Eid'l Fitr and Eid'l Adha, which will be announced next year.

Proclamations to declare national holidays for Eid'l Fitr and Eid'l Adha shall follow after approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined.

25 December 2016

Celebrating Christmas 🌲 (Noche Buena) at the Workplace.


Christmas is one of the highly celebrated Holidays in the Philippines. In fact, family members who are working in the urban zones will find ways just to go back home in provinces just to rejoice Christmas with their family. It is once a year celebration and time to gather all the family members – to show love.

Despite of this strong culture, there are people behind this happy and must awaited holiday that are sacrificing on not going home to spend time with their family. Instead, they spent their Christmas Eve with their workmates as they need to attend the call of duty.  Call Center Workers are not excluded on this.

We have also OFWs – tinitiis ang pamilya para makapagpadala; Security Guards who are handling cups of coffee while on duty. Waiters who are serving foods while their families are at home celebrating; and Hospital Workers who are always ready to save life yet they gave up their chance of having fun with their families.

Truly, it is partly sad but like what we always uttered “DADAAN DIN YAN”. To work in a BPO industry is not easy, it takes courage to bring ourselves to work during at night, it takes sacrifice to leave our family during happy moments and work hard on the floor. This Christmas 2016, Let me greet you a MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who gave up their Christmas Eve to report at work. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

24 December 2016

Watch My Throwback Video Before I Established My Vlog.


Prior on learning the post-production in Vlogging which is video editing, I just recovered this video of mine in my USB - 8 years ago when I was in college. The video is a project presentation for the subject “LAW ON OBLIGATIONS AND CONTRACT”.  I was one of the proponents on the said video. Indeed, I was laughing -how awful my project was. It has pixelated video, poor acting, noisy audio and a very unsmooth editing.

I admit that as of now, I am still on the process of learning how to edit my videos for my Vlogs. But if you evaluate my college output, I must say that there is a quite improvement in comparison to my current videos that I uploaded in my Youtube Channel. Well without further ado; let me share this video of mine that tackles the Philippine Civil code.

Pagpasensyahan niyo po. I did try to re-edit it using Sony Vegas to enhance.

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