Pop Group 5thGen's Tuloy Parin Influences Me To Do My Own Cover.

I am going crazy now to this newly rising pop group named 5thGen .

What’s goin’ on you guys?

It’s been a long time that I got crazy towards a music since I am very keen on choosing songs to listen. Recently, I am stumbled upon in this video of a newly rising singing group named – 5th Gen.  I discovered their video on my facebook feed and I did watch with my headset. The moment that the music started to play , It seemed that I was hypnotized and unconsciously I was dancing on its beat.

5thGen is a pop group headed by Ralph Salazar (I knew you are familiar with him) with members : Reymond Sajor (who is also known for his stint on Philippine Idol in 2006), RJ Buenagua, Marielle Corpuz and Lady Diana – all of them came from World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA)  - medalists and winners. No wonder, this group captures my attention and I’m starting to love them. I extremely admire on how they manage to blend their voices despite of each distinctiveness. Nakaka-inlove pakinggan.

Watch the video below, courtesy of WISH 107.5 .

Their rendition of “Tuloy Parin” by Neo Colours  is perfection. The version is very timely since it is RNB in which new generation can relate.  Ralph Salazar sang the first stanza and the execution  of  “kulot” or simply voice gymnastic is very clean. Indeed, Reymond Sajor and RJ Buenagua both good looking  guys are  also talented. Their voices are angelic and penetrating my soul ( I ‘m serious). Not only those, they also have Marielle Corpuz and Lady Diana who can easily play and  shift their power voice into falsetto with smooth transition. They sang as a group and they didn’t overpower their group mates.

Watch the video below as Eddien and I will do a reaction VLOG.

5fth Gen really inspired me a lot and they made me feel in love. In fact, their video in  WISH107.5 Youtube Channel motivates me to do my own version. On the same day, right after I watched their video, I quickly grabbed the microphone , opened my camera, and searched for “Tuloy parin” karaoke; unfortunately, RNB version is not yet available online .There are acoustic version but, I chose the original one by NEO Colours.

Watch the video as I attempt to ruin this timeless song, LOL!

Music is really innate on us and it is associated of being a Filipino.  As an individual who admires a lot to this 5th Gen, I must admit that they really influenced me to create also my own cover – it is not that perfect but I did sing from my heart. “Na inspire lang po sa kanila”.

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