πŸ₯˜ Estero Food Alley In Binondo, Manila - Sounds Not Clean But Must Visit and Try.

I Love Tansyong Best Bite visits Ongpin St. Binondo, Manila just to experience eating in a restaurant along the canal - ESTERO FOOD ALLEY.
What to expect when you arrived? PhotobyTheresa Lim

“I Love Tansyong Best Bite” goes to Estero Food Alley. It is located in along Ongpin Street, Binondo, situated itself along the ESTERO - a tidal channel used as a drainage canal in populated district of Manila. It sounds not enticing when we heard the word estero since it is associated with untidy stuff. But it is a huge mistake – ESTERO Food Alley aka Estero Fast Food is a place wherein you will find a wide array of various restos that you can choose from.

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PLACE 8/10
Prior on visiting this place for food trip, I assumed that place is not ventilated. But I was wrong; they have air-conditioned dining rooms if you're squeamish with the smell of the nearby river. Undeniably, there is really a bad smell coming from the estero and going inside their air-conditioned dining area is the remedy. The ambiance is pretty cool. They can cater numbers of foodtripper – from solo to barkada occupying guest.

  FOODS 9/10

Most of the foods that they served are Chinese cuisine but there are also available Filipino dishes. The foods here are quite delicious and affordable hence it is located in a “not so fancy place” –Canal. But I am sure that the foods are clean because it is served freshly cooked. “Syempre , ayaw ko din magkasakit” but so far, I never felt any reaction from food contaminations. Though cheap and somewhat tasty, flavours are really same if you compare it with other Chinese restaurants around Binondo.

Foods that we (with friends) ordered were – Tufo, Veggies, Fried Rice and the very interesting Crispy fried frog. It was my first time to eat a fried frog and it taste like a real fried chicken.

If you are looking for a great place for your  Barkada’s eat out. Then why not take a visit ESTERO Food Alley and experience the adventure of eating foods along ESTERO. It is a must try restaurants – affordable yet it did not sacrifice the taste. 

πŸ“ Location: Brgy. 297, Santa Cruz, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

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