How Does It Feel To Be Part Of Outrage Magazine?

Let us read on how Jonathan Orbuda became part of this Outrage Magazine. This Magazine remains the only publication exclusive for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and allied community in the Philippines.

Since I was in college and part of University Publication, I already looked up this online magazine named OutrageMag.   Headquartered in Makati City, Outrage Magazine was launched in April 2007 to highlight LGBT-related stories in the Philippines or those affecting LGBT Filipinos; with most articles written by LGBT Filipinos, as well as LGBT allies. I always read their articles while hoping that someday in the near future I’ll be working in this rigid LGBT webzine.

Indeed, I also love the writing approach of the said Magazine – concrete, honest, fair and daring – attributes of a media company that I admired.  The proponent of Outrage is one of my idols. Outrage Magazine was founded by Michael David C. Tan, a graduate of the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia, who now serves as its editor on the loose. Tan won the 2006 Catholic Mass Media Awards for Best Investigative Report.

Upon graduating college and leaving my friends inside the University newsroom, I entered in a corporate world for a living and everything has changed. I worked and focused on earning money for my future. Yet my passion in writing is still deep within myself that every time I am reading newspapers, it always reminds me that once upon in my past ,  I used to be part of this media kind  .

I messaged the editor in chief and told him how I love his craft. Luckily, he replied and we set up a meeting. I said to him that I am interested in joining their publication.  Everything happened so fast and smooth. I just saw myself weaving words and publishing it to the said Magazine.

(Black) William "Princess" Pombo - aspiring writer (white0 Jonathan Orbuda, blogger - during Manila Pride Parade 2016, Rizal Park Manila

Because of Outrage, I learned to intertwine words from various angles, I learned to write stories that are worth writing for and share it to the world. I became cautious of gender equality and rights. And the most important, Outrage taught me to be who I am and embraced my real me. To be part of Outrage is empowering – using words to influence readers in a good way possible.

Please do read my articles in Outrage Magazine. Click HERE.

Outrage Magazine is also available on prints. 


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