Vlog Episode #10 - Visiting The Longest Running Gay Disco Bar To Celebrate My Birthday.

In celebration of my 29th birthday, my friends Eddien, Allan and Ace (who were also featured in my previous vlog episodes) decided to go to Malate for a party. The original plan was just to celebrate my birthday in my house – a simple celebration- to give thanks that I reached this age. But in a quick decision making, everyone agreed to go out for merrymaking.

Right after our simple birthday dinner in my house, we quickly dressed up and rode a cab going to the infamous gay capital of the Philippines – Malate Manila.


Make sure to check for the meter before you get in and that the meter has been activated prior to proceeding as some would try to make you pay more than what you should be paying for. Cabs are affordable and almost all are now air-conditioned and use a meter for the fare. Some drivers may take advantage of tourists but closer regulation by authorities and even the mall operators is curbing this practice slowly. Many taxis are in a poor state of repair and the driving erratic.

When hiring a taxi, make sure the meter starts at 40 Pesos. The LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) has now instituted hotline numbers to report errant drivers, just take note of the cab name and number. Mall operators also closely monitor the operations of taxis that utilise their taxi ranks by ensuring that cab drivers do not choose only those passengers bound for nearby destinations.

In our case, we paid much more than the normal fare because the driver rerouted us just to cause delay and so the fare will go high.

Che’lu is  located in Maria Orosa Ave (corner Nakpil St.), Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila. It is popular gay oriented bar, grill and late-night dance club in the Malate area. Indeed, it is also the longest running Gay Disco Bar. Some gay disco bars were closed but this establishment remains standing despite of fluctuation of income and Malate became pale in the previous years.


Che’lu is a club/bar right in the heart of where the action used to be in Malate. When I first visited this place few years ago, it used to occupy a smaller place – but with the expansion of Malate, it saw fit to buy the space beside it, to enlarge the area and can occupy more party people. Even now, it keeps the big space.

The music was mixed perfectly by the Disc Jackie’s to left up the crowd. Music choices were also appropriate to the average age of the visitors. Moreover, the sound system is audible but not painfully noise in our ears. The beat is great.

The lights are better than I first visited the place. They have now the laser lights, front lights, black lights, disco balls and etcetera.

Since it was Saturday night, they had a show for a span of 30 minutes. A group of girls entertained the crowd by dancing “Las Vegas Type of Dance”, Michael Jackson Dance, Hip-hop Dance, Modern Jazz dance, Twerk Dance.  They also had a group of boys dancing “Interpretative dance”, Hip Hop dance and etc. What I love about the production number was the showdown segment of the girls as they exhibit their own moves-tots of splits, rolling, tumbling, and grinding.


But because it’s emblematic may be why you should think about checking it out. This is mainly since – when you are in Malate – there aren’t any other typical gay places to go to anymore aside from Hosto Bars. With Che’lu as the last one footing, you really have no other choice.

With the affordable amount of PHP300 entrance fee with three bottles of local beers, this is so far the best we can opt. Intact, when you are inside – the smell is good even a lots of guest were smoking. I can also afford staying inside in the long span of time because it the air condition is truly freezing cold.

Truly, Che’lu is the longest standing Gay Disco Bar in Metro Manila. They didn’t even change their name nor transfer location for a better target market. Che’lu as a whole, they elevate their service – fast service by the waiter and bartender, the cold ambiance and the rave music and lights. Indeed, I opted to celebrate my 29th years of existence and Che’lu meets my expectation.

📍 Location: Brgy. 697, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

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