πŸ‘Ž Proof - Lazada Philippines is Selling The Returned Item All Over Again.

Watch the video until the end on how Jonathan Orbuda discovered that LAZADA Philippines is still selling the returned item from the unsatisfied buyers all over again.


Disappointment is somehow a feeling that can’t be avoided. We feel it uncosicouly especially if we are expecting that much on a specific matter. Yes, It can’t be avoided specially we have our own standards depending on our upbringing and our values.  Sometimes money is not the issue but the satisfaction that we can obtain in the returns of the money that we exhausted matters the most.

I’ve been a frequent buyer of this online store LAZADA Philippines; indeed it is one of the leading online shopping portals in Ph.  Maybe, I already had three or more transactions that are successfully fulfilled by this onlinestore and most of the prices range from PHP150-PHP PHP500. I ordered VR box twice and I ordered Tripod and mono pad for my Phone so that I can easily record my VLOG. All were delivered on time via COD. And the products we’re truly good.

Watch The Video until the end.

Recently, I ordered MXIII WiFi Amlogic S802 Quad Core XBMC Cortex A9 TV Box (Black) With Wallet Style Power Bank 20000mAh (Black) which is amounting to PHP2, 899. The MXIII WiFi Amlogic S802 Quad Core XBMC Cortex A9 TV Box is the embodiment of modern day technology. It enables your television to access stored files and video streams by running the Android 4.4 software. It features a 2.0GHz Quad core, Octa-Core Mali-450 GPU processing core which allows it to steadily deliver the shows that I've been craving for.  This will be my first time to spend to this online store with the denomination of thousands - since LAZADA already got my trust.

The order process was perfectly smooth from placing my order, to shipping it, until I received the product.  I was very excited to unbox the product and have it tested to my analogue TV. Surprisingly, the most important item that can only run the Android box which is the remote control is missing. I doubled check the order to make sure but it was really not really there. When I also turned on the item, it was not working AT ALL. I tried to use any adaptor and I also use a different power source outlet – but the android box was really defective.

Later on, I noticed that there were two orders slips in the same box that I received. One is the delivery that came from Paranaque and the other one was from Cebu. Meaning the product that they sold to me is a returned product and they still kept on selling the same product.  I feel like I was” mukang malas  ang mga makabili ng product na binabalik ko.” I am pretty sure they will do it all over again.

I already sent back the product via LBC (with the return authorization number) and asking for an Item replacement. And let us just wait the update. I am pretty sure that they will keep in touch to me soon.

I am very disappointed. At first with the missing item and the defective product issues are both acceptable to me but when I discovered that they kept on selling the defective product all over again after they relieved at the warehouse – well that is no longer acceptable – meaning they really don’t check the product before sending.


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