Taking The #PerfectOOTD with OPPO F1s. (How To Avoid Okray Of The Day?)

Your perfect outfit of the day” is a waste if your pictures are not quality enough – said Jonathan D. Orbuda.

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“I am perfect due to my imperfections” I uttered...
This was my statement when I had an intense conversation with one of my friends. That topic arose as we were talking about my (worst) attitude – being a perfectionist. Yeah, I admit that I am very keen towards any small details that I enclosed –proper time management, following my schedules and among others. Moreover, when it comes to choosing what to wear, I am very particular also about it. I always make sure that it should be in a balance combination both comfortability and style. I don’t wanna look like “trying hard” to wear a high fashioned outfits yet I am no longer relaxed to move freely. I am very certain on how do I look in every single day, and so checking in front of the mirror is not my thing  and I need  my “outfit of the day” to be documented by taking pictures.

Taking pictures of your “outfit of the day” is logical because you will be able to see the progress of yourself in opting the appropriate get up in proportion to your activity on that day. Certainly, posting your OOTD on your social media will also help you interact your followers; let them give you some advice and unconsciously, you learn how listen and embrace constructive criticism.

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Honestly, I am a perfectionist type of person. I want to be visually pleasant whenever I go to work. It boosts my confident and it will end up my day with a productive, vibrant and happy perspective. Deep within, I knew that I am not impeccable but the possibility of getting perfection is attainable - it depends on how you live on it.

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Furthermore, I am very rational on my OOTD or simply “OUTFIT of THE DAY”; but I am also extremely afraid of the same abbreviation “OOTD” or simply “OKRAY OF THE DAY”. Especially that I am using social media as a platform of getting feedbacks from my followers, as much as possible, I need to be more fervent in selecting what to wear and what to post on that day, to avoid destructive comments that will later affect me in growing. But again, like I’ve said - embrace constructive criticism and ignore unhelpful denunciation.

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Perfect outfit? Check! Perfect backdrop? Check! Perfect Motif? Check!  Everything is now ready to take a shot for your Instagram’s OOTD. But there is one thing missing, is your camera’s performance is enough to produce quality pictures? Well, that is also a huge factor that I consider – to have a quality picture for your social media is a must”. Your perfect “outfit of the day” is a waste if your pictures are not quality enough and as a perfectionist, everything should be perfect, no room for flaws.

Gym OOTD Saucony Shoes and Bench Fitness Short @Countryside Subdivision, Barangka Ibaba, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

 In a fast pacing lifestyle, not all social media influencer like me will bring a DSLR Camera for candid shots. And choosing a camera phone as a replacement for DSLR is the best remedy. Just make sure that you are going to select a handy phone camera without sacrificing the quality of your pictures.  With the height of 154.5 mm, width of 76 mm, thickness of 7.38 mm and weight of 160g - OPPO F1s is perfect for you. Despite of its handy and slim features, it can still provide a quality photos since it has 13-megapixel rear sensor, 16-megapixel front sensor and aperture of f/2.2(rear) & f/2.0(front) – all are my requisite in choosing camera phone. In addition to that, it has 32GB built-in memory which is expandable to 128gb. I am pretty sure that it can store tons of OOTD photos. The battery juice is 3075 mAh which beneficial for you who loves taking pictures and previewing it afterwards before posting on your social media .Then  OPPO F1s has all of it. CLICK HERE

Video from Unbox.PH

Undeniably, no one is perfect but if you are giving your 100% best on what you are doing, therefore, getting perfection is pretty easy. Just like me, from choosing a simple but stylist “OutFit of the Day”, dramatic backdrop and quality phone camera like OPPO 1s – I am confident that Taking The #PerfectOOTD is in my hand.


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