🏪 S&R : The Exclusive Shopping Center in the Metro.

S&R is an exclusive shopping establishment for official members only. Any individuals with 2 valid photo identification cards or documents can apply for a membership card (Passport - Voter’s I.D -Driver’s License - Tin NO. Card -SSS/GSIS I.D. (Digitized) - Postal I.D -PRC License - Company I.D -NBI Clearance - School I.D). Complete S&R Membership application form and pay for appropriate fees (Gold membership is Php700 and one extension card per household is Php400 )


S&R offers a wide array of imported products (70%) and locally made products (30%) such as food items, wines and liquors, meat products, bath and body products, towels, beddings, electronics, appliances, household items, and a lot more at very affordable prices. It is a supermarket with a warehouse concept just like Costco and Sam's in the US. They also hold sale events wherein the place gets really crowded and people would actually fall in line for half a day or more but on during normal shopping days it is very convenient because of the limited access inside because you have to be a member first. 

S&R has 5 locations in Congressional, Aseana-Baclaran, Bonifacio Global City, Alabang, and Cebu; we always frequent the former 2 branches.

So since I am not a member, connivance with a friend of mine who is an affiliate of the said shopping establishment happened-Shay Cua. Together with another four non-member workmates of mine name Edna, Michelle, and John Aduna who celebrate his 24th Birthday at that time. We decided to have a good time with their Aseana-Baclaran Branch. Anyone can go inside as long as one of your friends is a member.

There are also food stalls available in the area so when you get tired and hungry shopping, you can get your fill without leaving the establishment.

Inside, I would recommend you to taste their Pizza. I already tasted pizzas  ( Pizza Hut Yellow Cab and Home-made) but what I loved with their pizza was the dough. All I can say, It was totally their trade secret, the dough is very soft - enough to appreciate the entire slice. A price varies on the sizes. You can order the huge one with two toppings just like in the picture attached below.

Apart from pizza, I would suggest not to miss their Roasted Chicken, - so tender  and juicy. Try to eat it without rice and you will appreciate the savory taste. Of course, eat it with your bare hands.
So, If you want to try a place to shop which is not that congested as other malls, try S&R.
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  1. Bhing Del BarrioJune 29, 2014 at 2:17 AM

    I must say thank you to nhing the birthday boy..but fo so much thanks for the food he he he ..its really awesome ..i wanted to try it again & again ..

  2. Bhing Del BarrioJune 29, 2014 at 2:30 AM

    nice one for a beginner..:) push mo yan


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