BPI More Fun Prepaid Cards, Designed for Travellers and Alike.

BPI makes it easy and fun to be jet setter in the Philippines with the More Fun Prepaid Card. Get exclusive travel perks and you can even design the card with your own photo.

In fact, I already have one for only PHP250. I made the application online; I customized the Image and submit it. You will get a notification in your email that BPI received your application. Just wait for a couple of days and BPI will send you an email that your MORE FUN PREPAID CARD is ready for pick up on your preferred branches. The email also includes an attachment of a FORM that you need to fill out and bring during the pickup. Bring your ID and pick up your CARD.

Personally, don’t apply for BPI More Fun Prepaid Cards at the counter because you need to go back after seven days. Much better if you apply it online because you just wait for the email, once the email is received, surely the CARD is ready. Another advantage if you apply it online, you can easily choose and upload your preferred photo for the background right from your Facebook account and choose what to write on it. Another piece of advice, during pick up, you need to go to the branch that you chose during the online application.

Loading your More Fun VISA Prepaid made it even easier! Aside from going to the bank or going online, starting October 7, 2013, you can load More Fun VISA Prepaid Card at the Bills Payment Counter of SM Department Stores, SM Supermarkets, SM Hypermarket, and Savemore branches.

Prepaid loading will be accepted daily (including weekends and holidays) from 10am to 8pm and will be posted to your credit card account or prepaid card after 3 banking days. For loading your More Fun VISA Prepaid Card, indicate your 16 digit card number.

To ensure correct posting of your payments or prepaid card loading, please verify the details indicated in your receipt before leaving the payment counter. Note that only cash payments will be accepted.
Exclusive travel perks, design the card with your own photos.

Truly, this is beneficial for travelers’ especially online booking for flight, food tripping in a restaurant and any emergency during travel.  Validity is good for one year.

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