Review of LJ and AJ Kainan sa Barangay

All are set, the Team is going back home and everyone feel post travel syndrome. While our bus is on the way to Nueva Ecija, I can feel the tiredness. And as always, “ Babalik na ako sa realidad”, with the fast pacing life in Manila.
But wait, there’s more! Before we totally reach back home, let us do a side tripping at Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. Well, basically it is food tripping, to be specific it is a heavy dinner.
We dropped by at LJ and AJ Kainan sa Barangay. It is a Filipino eatery located at the stretch of Maharlika Highway. They served mostly Filipino cuisines that will surely complement your taste. Their bestselling dishes are Ihaw-Ihaw and Papaitan. And their advantage compared to their competitors is the so called “ICE COLD TUBA”- it is a wine from fermentation of Coconut Tree.

The Service Crew:
As you order at the lobby of the establishment (which is adjacent to the highway), most of their (frontline) service crews are alluring women. That is why “Monti” (one of the travelers) enjoyed so much. He even asked one woman for picture taking ( Monti! Pervert ha-ha).

Moreover, the orders are also delivered to your table quickly. Try to shout out “SABAW” (soup) or “EXTRA RICE PA NGA!” and you will get it shortly. Kudos!

The Foods

I ordered one cup of rice, beef afritada and Soup. (Don’t worry water is for free for tight budget) It was very affordable because I only pay 45 pesos; in fact beef in Manila is expensive. Foods are well prepared and it is displayed outside. The preparation and the appearance are very appetizing. (Baka tlaga gutom ako)

In addition, utensils are sterilized .

The Establishment.
The Dining area is wide enough and the motif of the design is very Filipino. They also use the appetizing color of the table covers as well as the chairs which is Yellow. It gives a cooler atmosphere and pleasant visually.
There are also two Comfort Rooms for the guests located outside. (Kudos for this because comfort rooms are far from the dining).
We were only spending a short span of time in Cabanatuan City. However, even in a limited time I enjoyed it through the taste of their foods. I will surely come back here!

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