Abundant Food Preparation by Chef Arvin David Quilloy. (Baler, Aurora)

Unlimited rice and soup of Sinigang na baboy, Litson kawali, Fresh Fruit,Crispy Pata.
After the disappointing experience in Ditumabo Falls, the exciting trek to Jabuyo Falls, climbing the largest Balete Tree in Asia and getting wet the entire morning. Everyone is hungry, tired and immobilized.

1PM- We bound to Sabang for the lunch. The weather is still quite bad. We are looking forward a heavy meal once we arrive in our camp site.

Chef Arvin David Quilloy
Meanwhile, Chef Arvin David Quilloy  is the official cook of “JourneyingJames’ Tour”, his various menus is a trademark and icon of deliciousness. He owned a restaurant and catering services based in Laguna. He also conducts a feeding program to selected provinces in the Philippines which most of his target are malnourished children. Further, his burning passion as an environmentalist made him  an intense nature lover .

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When we arrived at the campsite, foods were all prepared.

Main course, side dish, dessert and drinks.

Unlimited rice and soup of Sinigang na baboy, Litson kawali, Fresh Fruit,Crispy Pata.

The amount that I spent for the entire trip was very worth spending for.

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  2. I have this already, but I have a question. Do we get a statement of account/credit card statement every month, or talagang tayo lang magbabantay ng mga nagastos natin? Thank you :)

  3. no statement of account. prepaid card sya, so you need to load it para magamit mo, let see 500 is your load basically you will not spend 600 pesos.

  4. Well, of course :p Pero walang statement of account talaga? I see. Thanks! :)

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