Where to Buy Pasalubong in Baler Aurora?

Last day, last minute and last second, I meant Lastly Lol! , Let us take a look what’s inside in Pasalubong Centre. We left at Brgy. Sabang but we drop by for a few minutes at Pasalubong Centre to buy. Pasalubong Centre sells locally made crafts and hand-woven hats at good prices. This is located near next to the public market in Baler.

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We arrived at the Pasalubong Centre 6PM and the tenants were almost all close.

While all are busy shopping, I am busy roving around taking photos and taking glance of creative handicrafts.

What to Buy?

  • Handicrafts- surfboard miniatures, key chains, sandals , flip flops and bags. 
  • Wood Products- Sungka, wood figurines, and other wood carving products which are appropriate for home display.
  • Memorabilia- Printed Shirts (you can customize what design you want), printed mugs, board shorts.
  • Homemade delicacies- suman, kakanin, peanut butter, banana chips and etc.

 After 30 mins, we left Baler and we are ready now to go back to reality. 


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