Good Morning Baler!

It was great morning after the long night of singing and partying. The cold weather was truly astounding. It was like waking up in an air-conditioned room, so refreshing. I took a glance outside and it was still raining; a drizzle cause by low pressure. I checked my tent installed outside and it was totally wet. Thanks God, I transferred and secured my things inside the cottage last night or else I may suffer.

I went outside and it seems that all were hungry. They were looking at the infinity towards the Sabang Beach.

I really love the feeling being in a different place. It was very tranquil with the thought that you slept well last night and woke up early in a different set up and in a different place. I felt like you are kinda far away from the problems and predicaments that you usually encountered while living in an urban area. I can see those dew drops, fogs and hear those waves; I can feel on my skin that cold breeze… perfect for evaluating ourselves.

I sauntered the stretch of Sabang Beach in front of Costa Pacifica all by myself. So Peaceful… So relaxing… I am telling you guys…you should try it. Maybe that’s one good thing that you need to crack. Try to separate yourself from others, give space for yourself and evaluate yourself by reflection.

Unfortunately, I was not able to witness the sunrise due to bad weather. But I was still blissful to wake up with a glad smile.

I knew everyone was also indulging that moment. Everyone was silent and doing the same thing what I did.

Sigh.. ….While I am glaring towards the sea, I realized how lucky I am. Maybe I am not wealthy as businessmen had but I appreciated the fact that I experienced these things in bare minimum. Moreover, a chance to witness the beauty of the World far away from the stressful work every day is a huge thing for me.  Not all individuals can experience “self-reflection” and relaxation, but all individuals will experience stress without choice.

Good Morning Baler!

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