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21 May 2017

🔴 Live : Call Center Radio Featuring Jonathan Orbuda 7AM to 8AM - DZRJ 810Khz ( 8 Trimedia)


Catch Youtuber/Vlogger & Call Center agent, Jonathan Orbuda tomorrow on our show as he shares some of his funny experiences when he joined the BPO industry.

You may join the Live discussion on Facebook via 8 TriMEDIA DZRJ 810 AM Radio. See you, mga kateammates! #CallCenterRadio

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The Video Below is a 🔴 LIVE BROADCAST... Call Center Radio will air 7AM. If the video is not playable - you can watch it here.

21 April 2017

10 Dynamic Ballroom Stunts In Preparation For YouTube Space Manila 2017.


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#YouTubeSpaceMNL aka YouTube Pop-up Space Manila is a four-day event happening on April 28 -May 1, 2017 in BGC Art Center, 26th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines. YouTube brought this to the Philippines to provide workshops to Pinoy Youtubers and let them experience the so called "YOUTUBE SPACE".

YouTube Space is a production facility wherein it support YouTube creators to produce great content, attend networking events and making meaningful connections with numerous creators/industry professionals/etc, and attend production workshops to YouTube seminars to level up the skills you need. Youtube Space currently have 9 Spaces across 9 cities (LA, NY, Toronto, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Sao Paolo, Mumbai). And now, they bring it to the PH.

I'll be attending the YouTube Vlog Production Workshop on April 30th at 5pm! whic Demonstrate how to properly set up a camera and expose for a subject, using the most essential functions on a camera: ISO, F-Stop, etc ;Identify different colour temperatures and basic lighting modifiers in order to properly light a subject in various environments (daylight, interior light, mixed light) Compare the various audio recording tools available within your budget and determine which tool is appropriate for your video(s). (Thanks to Su-Zen Low-Community Manager, YouTube APAC).

And hopefully, I'll be getting a chance to shoot the "Instructional Video” right at the YOUTUBE SPACE.


13 April 2017

TIP - How To Travel Cheap To Puerto Galera , White Beach.

I've been travelling to White Beach, Puerto Galera for mayny times. In this Vlog I'll be featuring my experience on how to travel to White Beach, Puerto Galera with some tips to avoid opportunist that you might encounter.

For the comprehensive instruction, tips and tricks on how to stay and party in White beach Puerto Galera the  least expensive way (during peak season like Holy Week)  - Click here. 

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Notice on the stimestamp 3:43 in the video, someone asked me if what hotel i'll staying - I did say " Finnese Residencia" Kindly  Click here for my review about the hotel.

12 April 2017

What To Expect In Puerto Galera, White Beach On your First Night?

What To Expect In Puerto Galera, White Beach On your First Night? - Party Hard!

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I’ve been visiting White Beach Puerto Galera for how many times – as much I remember -e.i. celebrating my birthday alone, escaping the stressful Manila and if I want to drink beers by the beach, then  Puerto Galera is my number one option.  In fact I consider this Beach as my second home because this place taught me to be who I am. This beach is a place wherein there’s no place for discrimination and judgement coming the society. Everyone is welcome and free to be happy.

In this Vlog, I’ll be featuring the happenings in one of my random visits. This was my first night. I arrived in white beach, Puerto Galera at 7PM. I looked for a cheapest room for one night only since the next morning; I need to transfer to the hotel where I booked originally. I grabbed my dinner quickly and went out to party.

Watch this video as everything went wild and full of laughter. Consider this also as a tip on what to expect on “Puerto Galera’s night life”.

05 March 2017

⦗MUST WATCH⦘ - Four Singing Visayan Natives Showcase Their Talents.

Look at  them - after seven years  (From 2011 in the video to 2017 in the pictures)

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Hello guys! I just recovered this video which is part of my Bohol Travel way back 2011. This video is a cover of 14 songs featuring Arnel Alturas, Christoper Galagar, Roche Encorporado and Myrtle Light Villar. I met them when I stayed in Panglao Island for an overnight accommodation –that was April 2011 to indulge the summer and to celebrate my college graduation. Yes! That was seven years ago to be specific but that moment is worth reminiscing.

Truly, in every travel, the most exciting part is meeting random of people and locals. When I went back to Bohol after I finished my college, I am so happy to meet these talented young kababayans. They occupied the cottage adjacent to my location. I was alone that night with my guitar while staring at the sea. One of them approached me to have some Tagay (Shot) of tuba (coconut wine). Since I am Boholano and I know that I am in my territory – I joined them quickly. They were actually seven to ten in the group. Four of them are music lovers and so they borrowed my guitar.

A little bit of conversation. They are Barkada who came from Bohol and some were from Cebu – to celebrate their college graduation.  They are very interested to know my life in Manila since they haven’t been in Manila. We shared happy stories until we came up the idea of making cover songs.

Watch the video below. (Watch Four Visayan Talents versus 14 Covers Songs In One Video)

1. 1:55 Fixing A Broken Heart - by Indecent Obsession
2.  5:58 Pag Ibig Ko Sayo Di Magbabago - by Men Oppose
3.  9:36 Borrowed Time - by Cueshé
4.  13:10 Changes of my Life/Gidawat Ko Ang Tanan (Visayan Version) - by Repablikan
5. 15:40 Bakit Ngayon Kalang Dumating? - by Freestyle
6.  19:15 Forevermore - by Side A
7. OPM Rock Songs (Medley)
    a. 23:38 Director's Cut - by Kamikazee Band
    b. 24:25 The Day Said Goodnight - by Hale Band
    c. 26:46 Unknown Song (Comment Down below to give feedback)
8. 28:30 High - by The Speaks
9. 31:04  I miss you like crazy - by The Moffats
10. 33:28 If life is too short.- by The Moffats
11. 37:10 Nagmahal Ako ng Bakla - by Dagtang Lason
12.  40:25 Prinsesa - by 6Cyclemind
13.  43:33 Why? - by Avril Lavigne

14.  47:45 With A Smile - by Eraserheads

After I uploaded this video, I searched them in facebook and I was amazed of the changes – physically. One of them got married, one of them is working in an office, one of them became more visually pleasant as the years went by, and the other one is still living in his own opted life. I sent them the link of this video and I hope they can still remember those moments of laughter and I hope they can still recognize me.

04 March 2017

Let Me Disclose My HIV Status; Why I Am Passionate About HIV & AIDS Awareness?


My “PURE TOP” Advocacy.

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I’ve been doing Blogs online, Vlogs on YouTube and articles for a magazine for quite some time now (as much as I remember). By taking advantage of my available media (e.i. writing in Panorama Juan Umbrella) and using my know-how in writing, I came up with an idea of weaving my words and share it to my readers.  And I am doing it (not just for extra income) but to maximize those available platforms that I have for a deeper intention – advocacy. Advocacy is something that you’re interested into and close to you heart. Indeed, I opted HIV and AIDS  centric topics because as what Pia said “This is timely predicament in the country”; undeniably, I want to be someone who can effectively touch others’ hearts and change their perspective to their lives – without expecting the “Return of Investment”.

This 2017, three of my friends passed away due to various complications as they were diagnosed of having HIV and AIDS.  What’s worse is that they discovered it when the disease is in the late stages and they were simultaneously under medication due to different complications.  Staring them while on bed in the hospital, and noticing their rapid loss of weight is painful to me.

“Where am I, during those times that they need information? Where am I?” Sigh.

Tansyong ! You’re worthless!” my conscience always utters this.

I am (extremely) equipped of information on how to avoid getting the infection and etc. I exerted effort and spent time to educate random people but how come I wasn’t able to share this knowledge to my close friends before they got the “bug”.  Those are my regrets, questions, and guilt feelings –its killing me ‘til this day.

Meet  “AIDA IDAHO”  .

“Bakit absent si Pedro?”

“Baka may date kay AIDA* , or nagpunta sa IDAHO** !”. We perhaps caught this in a casual conversation.

Most of the time, HIV and AIDS are (somewhat) the best subject of laughter - e.i.  workplace, drinking session, etc. In a serious note,  what really is HIV and AIDs (not in medical explanation)? How to avoid it (in a millennial explanation)? Indeed, bringing this topic to a conversation is truly tough especially to those conformist individuals. It needs right timing (how to start/end), various approach (it depends on the listener’s personality and behavior) and rigid confidence (using acquired knowledge).

HIV and AIDS are two different matters, even if they are related to each other, they can’t be interchangeable. Indeed, if you noticed my writing; I never used a slash (/) instead I used the linking verb “and” - to highlight the point and better understanding  (but in medical world “Forward Slash (/)” are still being used).  HIV is a virus that may cause an infection, but AIDS is a condition or a syndrome. Being infected with HIV can lead to the development of AIDS , which stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS develops when HIV has caused serious damage to the immune system.  Meaning, a person is maybe living with HIV but It doesn’t follow that he/she will have an AIDS condition – especially if there’s proper and immediate intervention***.

There are ABCs to avoid the virus; (A) abstinence – which is personally I don’t believe on this and it’s just a form of hypocrisy, (B) being faithful, - which is undeniably a challenge to us particularly men are polygamous in nature. (C) correct and consistent use of condoms – this is the golden rule in HIV prevention and (D) early Detection. These principles are significant for everyone regardless of the risk group (age, gender, economic status etc)  they belong to.  While prevention is always the top option, those at risk of HIV infection (should I say “mga naprapraning”)  and those who engage in risky sexual behavior (“loko-loko”) should go for a regular HIV testing; it is for free (it’s your time to take advantage of the tax that you paid) . Regular  HIV testing – I recommend every three months - can help an infected person to be diagnosed in the earlier stages of infection. Early diagnosis can afford an HIV positive person earlier access to care and treatment -again, this is for free especially if you are a Philhealth member - and also allow them to receive counseling on how to protect their partners from infection.

Nowadays, no one is attempting to break the silence of sharing HIV awareness because it is a taboo topic; and so, various incorrect information are disseminated for the purpose of putting “fear” among people - assuming that it might help in controlling the increase of numbers who got infected – e.g. when you inject the infected blood to a banana, or  mixing the infected blood in soft drinks. Erroneous information is not sagacious because it will just lead people live in ignorance and fear.

Most frequent question is “how to identify if a person has an HIV?”. With that being asked to me, I don’t usually answer it sans in-depth explanation. In fact, I strongly encourage to take the test because assumption will never confirm if you’re positive or what not (Not even searching in google). There are four stages after getting the virus. (1) Window Period, (2) Asymptomatic, (3 )Symptomatic (4) Death; by understanding these stages – it will help us to open our mind that HIV and AIDS are not a DEATH SENTENCE provided with timely and proper intervention.
(1)WINDOW Period” starts on the first day you acquire the virus up to 2-4 weeks. In this stage, our body is still developing antibodies which is a normal response of our system whenever we are infected – i.e. viral, bacterial, fungal or any pathogens. Once get tested within the window period , you’ll evidently get a (false) negative result since your system is still in the process of producing antibodies. The production of antibodies is an essential determinant for diagnosis that’s why you have to go back after 4 weeks to undergo another same test. Some testing hubs require clients to go back after three months for the purpose of getting a rigid result. In some cases, a person may experience a mild fever as she/he in a “sero-conversion”- accompanied by flu-like symptoms including fever, rashes, muscle aches and swollen lymph nodes.  Seroconversion is the period of time during which HIV antibodies develop and become detectable. Seroconversion generally takes place within a few weeks of initial infection.

Once you’re reactive of the HIV anti-body test, you’re now in the (2) ASYMPTOMATIC period - In medicine, a disease is considered asymptomatic if a person living with HIV (PLHIV) is not showing symptoms which  are usually associated. This stage is very high risk in transmitting the said virus since the infected person is not conscious/aware about it- knowing that the symptoms don’t exist. Without getting tested, PLHIV might still infect others & continue unsafe activities that will affect adversely both to his/her partner and to his/her personal health. The span of having an asymptomatic stage varies in every PLHIV depending on the adherence to the do’s and don’ts. In this stage, with proper intervention e.g. adherence to medicine, enough nutrition, healthy lifestyle and avoiding stress. PLHIV can live as normal as those non-reactive individuals. Every PLHIV’s goal is to stretch the span of asymptomatic period as much as possible . He/she may take prophylaxis to avoid any opportunistic infection (O.I.) in the latter period e.g Anti-TB, heap etc. Without diagnosis and proper care management – the immune system of a PLHIV will dramatically weaken and various opportunistic infections (O.I.) can easily enter the system – it leads to (3) SYMPTOMATIC period.

In Symptomatic stage, symptoms start to develop as body soldiers continue to die and the immune system begins to fail. In this period, you’re maybe in the AIDS state (or not), technically AIDS is only a condition wherein a certain numbers of body soldiers (in medical term- CD4)  that are required to fight for the O.I. is no longer sufficient.  In the Philippines, below 350 cd4 count is considered as AIDS (for documentation ) – it varies in different countries  because the country’s Dept. of Health declares what CD4 count is considered as AIDS  - of course it will be based in economic status of the said country – since other countries considered PLHIV as economic burden. Indeed, in this stage, the goal of both the doctor and the PLHIV is to cure the opportunistic infection (OI)- e.g. pneumonia , Tuberculosis , Meningitis, etc – as soon as the PLHIV is ok, they will intrude the immune system to normal as it will be back to ASYMPTOMATIC period.  But if the opportunistic infection is not addressed , the body will give up and it will lead to (4) DEATH.

As I said, “Not all people living with HIV will have a condition of AIDS”. With early diagnosis and proper care management, ASYMPTOMATIC STAGE can be prolonged. There is already a medicine that will suppress the Viral Load and the immune system will automatically bounce back to normal.  The variants of medicine are for free as long as you’re a PhilHealth Member. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is the combination of several antiretroviral medicines used to slow the rate at which HIV makes copies of itself (multiplies) in the body. A combination of three or more antiretroviral medicines is more effective than using just one medicine (monotherapy) to treat HIV.

Recently, a new medicine was discovered as one of the risk management and prevention techniques. This is so called Prep or Pre-exposure prophylaxis, a way for people who do not have HIV but who are at a substantial risk of getting it to prevent HIV infection by taking a pill every day. But personally, I don’t recommend it because it will just lessen the risk but not to eliminate .

Admittedly, I am not in a medical field but I am equipped of “know-how” due to the fact that this field is close to my heart.

Watch my video: 


In my own perspective of the “HIV and AIDS” upon exposing myself to those people living with the virus, it is not a physical illness but it is an emotional and psychological pain. The condemnation of the society makes them sick ardently and not the virus itself. The physical illness is easy to manage using the medicine but if the acceptance of family, friends and workmates towards your situation is not that ok,- that is the huge problem which leads you to give up. Stigma is putting a mark of disgrace towards people living with the virus. Most of the time, once we know that person is HIV+ we feel disgusted and we’re going to avoid him/her. If we are going to look at in a wide perspective , the reason why we put shame to this disease because it is associated with sex. Indeed, sex issue is taboo in our society.

Having a high blood pressure and diabetes and its corresponding care management is the same with HIV – it is fatal, it is a life time medication, you have to be cautious of your health, you have to avoid of having complications – yet ,we never condemned those people living w/ high blood and diabetic . Simply because , High blood and diabetes can be assimilated by foods, besides foods are widely acceptable in the society unlike HIV wherein it can acquired through unsafe sex and sex is not acceptable in our conservative society. Undeniably, we are not really disgusted of the virus itself but on how we get the virus. “Pag HIV, malandi”.

Indeed, Those who are getting infected with HIV in the Philippines are also getting younger. While the age group with the biggest proportion of cases between 2001 to 2005 was 35-49 years, starting from 2006, the age proportion shifted to 25-34 years. The proportion of HIV positive cases in the 15-24 year age group increased from 25% in 2006-2010 to 28% in 2011-2016. To be frank, we’re beyond considering this as just a disturbing trend and as long as the stigma is there, and we’re not going to open our mind to embrace information-sadly, it still continue increasing. Expect for this epidemic to only worsen, with the worsening situation something we’re not ready – or even able – to deal with. The continuing lack of attention given to this has long pushed us beyond the point of no return.


The first AIDS case in the Philippines was reported in 1984. From January 1984 to December 2016, there has been 39,622 HIV Ab sero-positive cases reported to the HARP. More than half (20,386 or 51%) were from the 25-34 year age group while 10,720 (27%) were youth aged 15-24 years. Today,  26 Filipinos are infected  with HIV every day, up from only one in 2008, and even only three years ago 17 cases per day were registered. Moreover, Seven hundred and fifty (750) new cases of HIV infection were reported in December 2016 to the HIV/AIDS & ART Registry of the Philippines (HARP). The trend for the epidemic in the country lingers to be the same, with most (96%) of the cases involving males, and more than half belonging to the 25-34 year age group while 29% are youth aged 15-24 years.

As of December 2016, a total of 17,940 PLHIVs were presently on ART*** (Anti-retroviral Therapy). Most (97%) were males. Ninety-five percent were on first line regimen, 4% were on second line regimen, and 1% were on other regimen. The number of those who are currently accessing treatment is not even half the cumulative number of HIV cases in the Philippines that reach 39,622. Already, a total of 1,969 death were reported from January 1984 to December 2016.  Under-reporting is, however, acknowledged.

Having a chance to weave my words and publish in panorama section, I am so thankful ; in my own little way, I was able to share this information which is no one will attempt to tackle specially in the workplace .

This article of mine was published in PANORAMA MAGAZINE (Juan Umbrella) 

AIDA* and IDAHO**  - is a gay lingo w/c means AIDS
ART*** - ART are medications that treat HIV. The drugs do not kill or cure the virus. However, when taken in combination they can prevent the growth of the virus. When the virus is slowed down, so is HIV disease. Antiretroviral drugs are referred to as ARV.
Statistics source : DOH

20 February 2017

Balut (Chicken Embryo) Eating Challenge Becomes Tutorial.


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Even if balut/balot might not sound appealing if you haven't grown up with it, nor eat - it does make a nutritious snack, high in protein and calcium. A serving of balut contain 188 calories, including 14 grams each of protein and fat, 2 milligrams of iron and 116 milligrams of calcium. So today, another food trip day  ang ipapakita ko sa inyo.

February 19, 2017 – Sunday at exactly 5:30PM, I went out to look for something to eat, when I saw this young vendor selling ballot. I bought three pieces and came up the idea of “why not filming me while eating these three?”

The video below is really spontaneous. While eating, I also did some research about the nutritional facts of such delicacy so that I have something I can narrate on my Vlog.  Undeniably, “Balot” is really one of my favourite exotic foods because the broth inside the egg is very savoury.  There was even one time –way back in my college days - I was able to consume eleven pieces in one sitting. Truly “Balot” is healthy aphrodisiac but always remember whatever is too much is not advisable especially ballot contains high cholesterol.

Watch in High Definition.Just click HD option.

05 February 2017

Reasons Why Being Single is More Fun Than In Relationship.

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Hello guys! It’s February 2017 and Love is in the air (I can feel it). Being in a relationship – successful and happy relationship to be precise- is the ultimate goal of everybody now (pahabol ‘ika  nga).  Undeniably, while everybody is busy towards the Valentine’s Day, there are few individuals who are still searching their better half; to the point that they are pressured to get a partner and avoid emptiness this Heart Month.

Well well well! In this Vlog post of mine, I’ll be highlighting and putting up the positive side of being a single. Indeed, I come up this topic since a lot of you guys can relate to this. I created this video due to the fact that there is always a positive viewpoint on“#StatusSingle” that most of us – we are scared.

Watch the Vlog below. This was recorded at the pool area of Cambridge Village, Pasig City. I hope that after watching such video, you’ll realize that we have to be grateful why you’re still single. Be happy.

If you like the Vlog, don’t forget to hit subscribe button on my Youtube channel & give a massive thumbs up. I challenge you “Can you give me reasons why being single is more fun?” Just leave your comments below.

01 February 2017

Flood In the Philippines, Be Like..


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Flood is an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, especially over what is normally dry land. In Manila, Philippines and/or provinces, flooding is normal since the country is surrounded by bodies of water – sea, rivers and lakes.  In addition, flooding is an economic issue of the country specially the safety of the Filipinos.

“Uulan lang ng kaunti , eh tataas na ang baha” , there are reasons also on why there is a rapid increase of water level even in a light rain. E.g, improper garbage disposal – it results to drainage-clogging – mostly in the urban zone.

In this Vlog episode, I’ll show you how it looks and feels like to get stranded in the middle of increasing “water level” in just a light rain.  Allan and I went to “Joey’s Burger” in Bumatay St. Manadaluyong City to grab a bite, while we indulged our food, we didn’t notice that it was already raining outside.  We were shocked when we can no longer go home after we eat due to the quick increase of water level. Even the tricycle drivers were not accepting passengers anymore.

Watch the video below.

16 January 2017

Kenny Rogers Roasters' Experience With William & Belle.


Hey guys, how are you? In this blog post of mine, I’ll be sharing my experience personally in this resto located in SM light mall , Boni MRT. Together with William and Belle – we decided to drop by to grab a bite after our night shift. Literally, we never planned such breakfast. Originally, we agreed to have a breakfast sa ilalim ng MRT sa Boni MRT but we change our plan kasi naman nakatakong si Belle.

 Watch the video below:

02 January 2017

💢 Why Vlogging In the Philippines Isn't Easy.🙎


Vlog is now a new flat form of sharing content online.  A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts. The vlog category is popular on YouTube.

I am a blogger but I decided to do a Vlog lately because of the rapid change of needs in online media. My readers preferred watching videos rather than reading my article. Indeed, Vlog is more interactive. Joining in a Vlog World is not that easy for me. It takes courage and sacrifice to run a Youtube Channel especially I am a full time employee.

Blog is totally different from Vlog because in Blog- you can seek perfection through editing the photos and editing the articles before you publish. To be honest, you can pretend in your Blog post but in Vlog, you have to be yourself because viewers are now wiser in watching and subscribing channel. It is a rough transition for me but I still have to be flexible especially in a fast pacing world – online users are lazy to read articles ; they opted watching videos instead.

In the Philippines, Vlog is very fresh. In fact as a Vlogger I’m really having hard time recording outdoor video since security guards consider it as a security threat.  Recording video and talking in front your camera is very awkward because people will stare on you while doing it in public - they find it so strange that someone is talking to the camera; unlike doing selfie Filipinos are used to it.

💖 My Cover Song 💙 - 💜 Walking In The Rain by A1 💛


Way back 1999; I was hooked up by this British-Norwegian boy band named A1. Well, that time – boybands really dominate the music industry.  Aside from their romantic songs they are also talented and good-looking wherein everyone is emulating and singing their songs. In fact, I am the one of them who got crazy.

The members of the boy band are Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen, and Mark Read.

Up until now, I can still sing their song w/o lyrics in front of me. Indeed, after 18 years, karaoke apps in android are now available; so we can easily sing their romantic songs, record it and upload in various social media.

Meanwhile, let me share my cover songs of “Walking in the Rain”. It is one of the songs of the debut album “Here We Come”-released on December 1999.

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