Is Dental Brace Made Intentionally For Fashion?

Are you wearing Braces for fashion? Is it because wearing braces is associated with a status “SOSHAL”? Or perhaps- because it’s pretty cool to have it. Well, let me narrate my experience of having a dental brace for a span of one year.
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It has been a year since I started the process of having a dental brace. My first and initial reason was to be tagged as “SOSHAL” since that’s what the majority says – when you’re wearing braces, somewhat you’re capable of purchasing one as the price is quite Imeldific.

I went to a clinic situated along Boni Avenue; Mandaluyong City named Oral Wellness Dental Clinic. Dr. Chua – the dentist advised me that there are crowded teeth on the lower part and on my upper part, there is a misalignment of the two front teeth. “Nahalata ko” (I noticed) it every time I looked at it in the mirror.  In addition to that, I really have poor oral hygiene since I am too busy to allocate enough time to clean my teeth after I grabbed a bite. To sum it up, I am qualified to undergo such a procedure given that there is really needs to be corrected.

On my first week of wearing the brace, it was so tight, it was painful, it was uncomfortable and truly, I lost my appetite. So, therefore, it was a sacrifice. “Tiis Ganda”!

Dr. Chua said, “Braces is not for fashion, it is for medical purposes.”

“There are patients that after we installed the brackets, they will no longer come back assuming that it is okay to wear it for a long span of time - for fashion reason. “He added.

“We only limit the patients of wearing braces up to two years, and if not, there is something wrong with the procedures and we need to do something about it.”

“Some patients buy their own brackets and just watch DIY videos online. It is a big NO, since there is an appropriate measure in every tooth. Patronizing this approach may lead them to a serious case on the later part”

Indeed, my adherence to visiting my dentist for the adjustment is very strict. I made sure to go back to the clinic regularly so the Doctor can double-check if there is a movement of my teeth.  Having a brace is not a joke, aside from the expenses, allotting time for the visit; I also experienced numerous mouth sores.  That pain is will not justify for you to get a brace for fashion only.

October 23, 2017, I became free. Dr. Chua removed my braces as the result was very fast and successful. I got now a perfect smile and bite. However, I have two missing molars on upper part and one on my lower part – both missing teeth – I asked the dentist what are my options.

Watch the video below as Dr. Mike Chua explained the various options whenever I’m ready to avail the dentures He discussed it...

October 28, 2017. I went back to the clinic to pick up my retainer. A retainer is requisite and essential to wear after the removal of the braces to retain the corrected alignment of the teeth. It will take another year or so – for you to wear it regularly.

Meanwhile, do you still remember when I published a blog about my experience towards Oral Wellness Dental Clinic? I wrote it from my heart and from what I personally experienced without sugar-coating. I didn’t know that it became an avenue for my readers to consider visiting this clinic. I just know it when Dr. Chua personally told me and he gave thanks to me for the positive feedback.

“My patients told me that they discovered the clinic through your blog.” Dr. Chua said.

“You deserved it Doc. Indeed, my readers also deserve to know and to experience what I personally experienced” I answered.

Surprisingly, Dr. Chua gave me the retainer for free and they even included the dentures for free.

“I am giving this for free as you blogged us, you don’t need to do something for us in return. This is an early Christmas gift to you. We read your article and it was genuine “.

📍 Location: Oral Wellness Dental Clinic, 2nd Floor, Boni-Halcon Place, 705 Halcon Street, Corner Boni Avenue, Barangay Makimig, Mandaluyong, 1550, Philippines

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