#PubertyChallenge is not Just a Challenge, It has a Deeper Impact.

Here are the photos of the #PubertyChallenge Contestants. Winner will win a limited Youtube Sunglasses from “ I Love Tansyong TV”.

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Taking a glance at your old pictures of your childhood may be the best subject of laughter with your friends; those awkward pictures wherein you look so much different and awful than today. Some of us, we even tend to hide and never show those pictures to anybody assuming that it will just embarrass us.

Puberty may be the toughest stage –e.g. rapid development of your physical attributes, a dramatic increase of hormones, heavy loads both in school and at home, and personal problems. Indeed, it is a stage of “Make or Break”, are you gonna make it?

Recently, due to the rise of social media in which we can easily share our stories online, #PUBERTYChallenge became trending among netizens. This is a challenge that online people are encouraged to post their before and after photos highlighting their adolescence stage versus their current pictures.  Truly, it was a challenge since it is extremely difficult to brag your most unpleasant photos online and show how you became visually pleasant as time goes.

Honestly, #PubertyChallenge means a lot to me. It is a way for me to look back on my past, how I started to dream and how I did the move to reach those things that I dreamt about. And now, I am already 30 years old and when I look at those old pictures, I can see Jonathan Orbuda – who used to strive. It reminds me that I need to be grateful for what I have and who I am today.

Undeniably, we always complain about the difficulties we’re currently experiencing, to the point that we forgot to remember those days we started to build our dreams.  We focus on the negative sides saying “Ang Hirap naman ng Buhay” but if you take a look at your old pictures; can you still evaluate yourself today? Where are you at today in comparison to your old pictures? Are you really living with difficulties today or you’re just not being grateful? Try to take a look at your old pictures and compare it with your pictures today – do you see any growth and development? If none, then I must say, you have the right to complain and not to be grateful.

Last week, I created the #PubertyChallenge Contest. Below are the photos of who took the #PubertyChallenge.

The winner is ANA RICA CUNANAN– she will receive a limited Youtube Sunglasses from “I Love Tansyong TV”

Thanks to all who joined.

Photos of the challengers:

Edna De Lara


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