Bringing Back The College Day Memoirs + Meet Me Halfway Cover Song.

I just want to upload and share my old video that was recorded way-back 2009 - during my college days. This video is a Karaoke version, or in a millennial terminology "Cover Version" of a song Meet Me Halfway - popularized by Kenny Loggins.
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College life is not easy in comparison to High School life. Aside from the numerous projects and expenses, there are also personal problems which may arise unexpectedly and simultaneously. There are moments that we’re about to give up.

Personally, my college days were not that easy but good thing I was able to handle it gracefully. Perhaps, it’s because I have this strong passion and impetuous of reaching my dreams- to finish my degree. It was undeniably tough “YES, IT WAS!”  But despite of those stressful experiences and mind-breaking challenges, I never ever forget how to have fun since personally I really love fun activities.  Since I don’t have enough money during that time to support (dreamed) expensive fun – e.g. going to malls, travel, bar. Then, I spent most of my spare time with my classmates singing at some Karaoke establishments around the University’s vicinity – University of Rizal System, Binangonan Campus.

In fact, right after our lunch, one of my classmates recorded this video while I was singing my favourite song – Meet Me Halfway.  I recovered this video in my old Youtube Channel (which I already deleted because I have my new one), then downloaded, and edited to become more visually pleasant.

Watch the video below.

Good thing, I was able to save a copy of this video for the reason that by watching this – I am able to remember my college days and how it was challenging. I am able to look back where I came from – “My Humble Beginning when I was a dreamer”.  With those entire fracas – I’m very thankful because without those, I maybe weak these days.

Thank you so much for watching and see you in my next blog.

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