Miss United Nations Queen 2017 – An Advocacy- Driven Beauty Pageant for LGBTQIA.

Watch the video below and experience the dynamic event that was held at SM Skydome on October 29, 2017 – The Coronation night of Miss United Nations Queen 2017.

On October 29, 2017 – The Coronation night of Miss United Nations Queen 2017 was successfully executed. The said event is an advocacy-centric beauty pageant which highlights the diversity and inclusion among LGBTQIA employees who worked in the IT BPO Company - that brought and sponsored the victorious pageant.


Indeed, it was also part of the “Employee Engagement Program” of the said Company. Numerous “self identified Trans-women and Gays” were came from Visayas and Luzon sites gathered just to join this first and grandest IT-BPO beauty pageant – six contestants were from Cebu and the rest were from Visayas.

Truly, it was a huge event as the winner/s will be given an international tour package for two,up to Php 50, 000 cash for the chosen charity and cash prizes.

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Here is the list of the winners:

  • Best Advocacy - Miss United Nations Indonesia.
  • Best In Production Number - Miss United Nation France.
  • Miss Congeniality - Miss United Nations Indonesia.
  • Miss Photogenic and People’s Queen- Miss United Nation Philippines.
  • Best in Casual Wear – Miss United Nation Venezuela.
  • Best in Creative National Costume - Miss United Nation Thailand.
  • Best in Evening Gown - Miss United Nation Vietnam.

TOP 13 + Special Spot for Online Choice Award– will proceed to the Q and A portion. (In No Particular

Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Bahamas, South Africa, Panama, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Venezuela, Mexico, Venezuela, Japan and France.


  • Fourth-Runner up – Miss United Nations Indonesia.
  • Third-Runner Up – Miss United Nation Bahamas.
  • Second-Runner Up - Miss United Nation Vietnam.
  • First Runner Up- Miss United Nation Mexico.
  • Grand Winner - Miss United Nations Queen 2017 – Venezuela. 

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