Ditumabo Falls: Worst Experience and Treatment

Ditumabo Falls is the largest water falls in Aurora. Aurora is known because there are lots of waterfalls that you can find within the province. However Ditumabo Falls is considered as Mother falls due to its size. It is located in the town of San Luis.

Right after we ate our breakfast, we prepared our belongings for the trek. Our destination: the Mother Falls of Baler named Ditumabo Falls.

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Since we had our own bus towards the jump-off, there’s no way for me to learn how to get there using public transportation. So I asked my new friend Philip (Surfing Instructor). According to him, from Baler Town Proper, you just have to hire a tricycle going to Brgy Ditumabo and advise the driver to bring you to the jump-off.

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We left around the campsite (Brgy, Sabang) at seven in the morning, actually, at that time I am not feeling well. I still had an asthma attack and I had a hard time to breath. The weather was not quite friendly, it was raining and cold. Heading our way was an excitement to experience the largest waterfalls in Aurora. “Guys, you need to secure your dress, towels, and gadgets because light shower and drizzle will surely pour you,” our tour guide said.

Worst Experience:

When we arrived at the jump-off or highway, we noticed a group of tricycle drivers who are waiting for passengers. (Just a heads up, you need to walk 45 minutes or 15 minutes via tricycle to reach the main entrance of the falls wherein you need to register).

Personally, I support local livelihood but I was very disappointed in the local drivers on their approach towards the visitors. They forcedly convince the tourist to take a ride. One driver discourages us not continuing the hiking because of bad weather. The Local drivers are more focused on what they can get from the tourist rather than to offer them help. They deceived most of the tourists and they were very rude. Yeah, I said it right; I am just telling my experience.

We were composed of large groups therefore they catch large fish. Thank God because our tour guide was very tactful and firm to refuse. “Kuya, don’t worry about us! This is my fourth time here” the tour guide answered proudly. So the drivers can’t answer due to embarrassment.

The group continues to hike towards the entry point of the said falls. On our way, we met a man with his motorcycle who discouraged us to continue because of the bad weather. His approach was very rude, and he forcedly offered a local tour guide to bring us to the Water Falls.  We understand that they were in particular with our safety however it seems that it was obviously sarcastic because the catch was he offered and market his service right in the middle of the road. And the man was shouting to us. “Kuya, this is not the right place, much better if we will talk to the right people at the counter in the entry point” Emms answered. “Ok bahala kayo” the man responded.

When we reached at the entry point, Emms, who is our tour guide, went directly to the cottage wherein the guard was located at. She was trying to pay for the entrance fee yet the guard said that they temporarily closed the spot due to bad weather. We were questioning that time because the implementation was just implemented right away and there was first batch that they allowed to pass through before us.

Unfortunately, I was not able to see the Falls (which is ok for me because of bad weather), and that’s the bottom-line. Maybe the experience that I’ve involved made me to come up a comparison of the treatment from the locals. I’ve been to Puerto Princesa City and their locals were very friendly, very very friendly, and very different from Aurora’s locals. I’ll bet my ass. Puerto Princesa’s locals were trained by the LGU on how to approach tourist and I hope this will also implemented not only in Aurora but all the provinces in the Philippines.

Next time, having a chance, I will still comeback Aurora to see the mother falls but I will make sure that the history will not repeat itself.

πŸ“ Location: Ditumabo Mother Falls St, San Luis, Aurora, Philippines

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