Outdoor Brainstorming on the Top of the Mountain.

During my Pillar Days (when I was part of a Publication), our newsroom is the only witness on how we meet the deadliest deadline of submitting our articles. Indeed, our newsroom is also the place wherein we shared (crazy) ideas just to come up magazines, tabloids, newsletters and art folios. Most likely we (the pillar reportorial team) we’re used to it.
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Until one day, our adviser told us to go out for brainstorming.

We planned where to go, decided to go for a trekking.

Everyone chose the mountain situated at the heart of San Carlos, Brgy, Tayuman in Binangonan Rizal. It can be viewed right at Manila East Hi-way. You will pass through the Historical Site named Vicente Manansala House. From Gate 3, it is just 45 minutes trek to reach the summit.

We started to hike at exactly 3PM, not bad for a newbie. The temperature at that moment was tolerable; however we make sure to bring our own bottled water. The team brought also some foods.

The whole time we hike was fun and enjoyable, given the fact that it was our first time to go to an elevated area just for a brainstorming.

When we reached on the top, it was glorifying feeling. I can see the entire Municipalities of Binangonan and Angono from a different point of view. The horizon of the Laguna Lake that met the orange sky was very relaxing. It was perfect for picture taking. Moreover, by staring at the sunset; you will appreciate the beauty of the nature. The blow of the wind will make you ease, too cool.

We put the picnic mattress and start the brainstorming.

Surprisingly, it was effective. We were able to share ideas on what will be content on our upcoming magazine issue.

After the meeting, we ate the foods and we prepared to go back to the four corners of the newsroom.

 Great Memory for me!

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