Travel Bible: How my Wanderlust Starts.

Everyone is looking towards our future. Others would want to have a stable life, having a family, a business and perpetual happiness. Therefore, majority of us are spending half of our life working, it can be an employee or running your own business.
 We are living such stressful life just to pursue what we want; smartphone, house and lot, job promotion or perhaps the latest make and model of a car. But most of the time we are doing it because of one reason –for a living- ; paying the rental for your room, water bill, electric bill and for your foods. –I knew it- and I knew where you coming from.

 Genesis( Start )
Indeed, after I finished my college degree. I decided to work to save up because I want to experience Boracay escapade. After 6 months, I haven’t yet saved enough funds for it. I resigned (AWOL to be specific); I transferred to BPO industry since it is highly paid job. Luckily, I was able to experience and reach my dream: The playground of beach bummers and partyphiles - Boracay Island. From then, my desire to travel starts.

 Exodus (Trials and tribulations)

Experiencing Boracay was a challenge to me. I already had my tickets and all the preparations were perfectly arranged. EXCEPT my vacation leave slot, it was approved but it was cancelled by my superiors due to some reason (yes, that’s life in call center –fast decisions, fast pacing and rapid changes). But then again, I pushed my luck; and continue my travel.

When I returned to my work, I was given a disciplinary action. – (Attendance Issue thingy).

But that was just a start of long journey.

Leviticus (Tribe)
James Betia and Jonathan Orbuda
Undeniably, the world of those people with same interests is certainly small. I call it a tribe, tribe of travelers and true blooded nomadic. I was exposed to these people who are NPA (no permanent address), some are my idols that I was luckily able to meet, and some are my favorites that until now they inspired me of pushing my dream to in real.
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James Betia- A tanned gorgeous man who backpacked the Philippines in 100 days. I am lucky to be part of his tours.

Rinell Banda- A masculine man who travelled the whole world and he documented it by a dance video. We met and do an interview.

Mervin- A sweet smiling-face who faรงades the 80 provinces of the Philippines. With his one comment in my blog post, it gave me the motivation to continue what I loved the most.

 Lois- a very strong woman who decided to quit her job to travel. I always read her inspiring blog.

Ganessa the Explorer - Who empowered me, saying “time constraint, money, and other personal issues are not a big deal if you really want to travel.”

Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap – I really admire his way of writing, very professional and perfectly-construct.

There are lots of travelers who are my Idols, too many to mention. As Lois said in her blog “You'll soon realize you have less in common with your friends (co-workers) and more in common with those scruffy backpackers you often see in bus stations”, that’s what I mean TRIBE.

Number (LAW)

Traveling is boundless yet there are laws that we need to follow. You have your own and I also have. Here is the list of mine

Anti- Comfort Zone Law- I believed that when you are already in your comfort zone, you’re stagnant anymore. Challenging oneself is the best option to escape your comfort zone. For me, I will never allowed my whole month will end up always saying “Thank you for calling ______”, as my opening spiel in my work”, there must something new and that is to travel.

Living Life at the present- Don’t live in your past life, instead use your past experiences to move on and be equipped for your future. Don’t live for your future; believe me, if you will do that you won’t enjoy life. However, you will focus on how to be rich, how to earn and how to be stable to the point that you almost forget to laugh. Im not saying that you need to disregard your future, you just need to be prepared those fortuitous events that might be happen without sacrificing your present.

Keep Moving- Like what I always said in my previous posts, I am not an aficionado of Vacation. Those people who will travel in a specific place and will stay for relaxation. What I want is to travel from one place to another.

To be continue …..


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