A Letter to Remember from Sole Sister Lois Yasay

I was depressed one day, I decided to send an email to my Idol to ask an advise. I thought that she will just ignore my email but she sent a reply for that. Let me share the advise of the popular travel blogger Lois Yasay, it is worth reading for!

From: Lois Yasay <
Date: Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 3:26 PM
Subject: Re: Happy Valentines Lois
To: Jonathan Orbuda ;

Hi Jonathan,

Lois Yasay is true-blooded Nomad
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Thanks so much for writing me that heartfelt email. I can really see myself in you a few years back. It's frustrating to want something so bad and yet you feel you are not prepared to do so. But let me just tell you that all of us who have done this were not fully prepared when we did. It was really courage and some madness that allowed us to do so. It's good you're scared, and you should be. Anything that's worth doing should instill some fear in all of us. Otherwise, what's the point?

I can't tell you exactly when you should do it. But what you should know is that you should save yourself. Are you willing to let life pass you by, day after day, doing the same thing? Or are you willing to brave uncertain conditions just to get out of your comfort zone and have a life of adventure? What is more important to you? I

I'm saying that because my first job was also at a call center. It was ok for a few years. But just like you, I discovered I wanted more from life- or rather, I felt life had more to offer me. So how did I finally do it? Here's the simple answer:

While I was still working, I saved money. My goal is usually 100K PHP. Then I plan to go to places where I can find work, can stay at a relatives/friends for free then do my best to live on the bare minimum. I've done this several times in a cycle (save, quit, travel, work again) before I made the big leap in 2011 without any safety net. Blogging helped me a lot because it gave me a small living allowance and allowed me to reach out to people or find opportunities online.

When I came back from my long term backpacking trip in 2011, the goal was just to avoid having a formal job for as long as I can. Nearly 4 years later, I've still managed to avoid it. Let's see how long it lasts :) I'm not going to say I've turned my back to corporate life forever, but if I can manage to earn money without a job, why not be free, right?

Thanks again for being brave enough to write to me about your dreams. I wish you will soon have the courage to pursue them. If not now, when?


I, Elora ,Erwin and Mia : They are travelers that i met in the middle of the road. "Road of Adventure "

Below was my Email 

On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 9:24 AM, Jonathan Orbuda <> wrote:
Dear Lois, 

Good Day!

My name is Jonathan Orbuda, an Economics graduate and now an occasional motivational speaker, was a writer way back in college, when I served as a section editor (2007-2008) of The Pillar Group of Publications. But beyond this, I established a blogsite detailing traveling sans (much of the) frills,.Since finishing my schooling, I already worked for a bank ( got resigned )and (currently) the BPO industry, among others. But my burning passion remains writing, and so I now travels as much as I can to discover what this world (and life) has to offer.

I am writing to you because I am your avid aficionado –so much-. I just want to give thanks towards the post entitled "5 Reasons Why Travel Will Ruin Your Life". It really gave me an ultimate motivation to continue what I want in my life. Honestly, I am not a solo traveler because I am scared. Too many reason; what if in the middle of the road, I am having scarcity of resources and something similar. What if something happened to me? If I go back home from a long travel and I made a mistake (i.e. Quitting my job), do I need to pay for it? Hay Naku!! ( Im holding my emotion now )

However, my nomadic spirit is still burning and wants to rove the World so that I can embrace it.

Just like you, I am an outdoor lover, -To travel – To be free. I also (currently) work for a living 5 days a week and I admit that I felt, I am in jail, and seeking for freedom of Vacation Leaves. 

Reading your blog is one of my fads (I subscribed your RSS in my Outlook account) since I do also a travel blog (wanna-be). You are such a good motivational icon.  

On your Blog: "You have turned into that annoying guy who starts his sentences with "When I was traveling in (insert exotic destination here)". You'll soon realize you have less in common with your friends and more in common with those scruffy backpackers you often see in bus stations", Not surprisingly, It is true, sense of belongingness with friends with same interests is more exciting to mingle with.

I really love your strength as a woman, quitting in a job is a huge decision that will surely change your life. I meant, even if you are not going to travel, giving up your work (esp. if it is your bread and butter) is difficult. It is like skipping one meal in your entire day wherein your body not used to it. But then again just like you, I don't want to stay in my comfort zone because I always kept on my mind that it is a state of being stagnant. Stagnant is unproductive, it is boring. And I don't wannna die without doing extraordinary things. Just like you who keep stressing that you are more afraid of a life where nothing extraordinary ever happens. You're more afraid of putting your dreams on a shelf and later realizing that you're jaded or too tired to live them. 

Honestly, while I am writing this letter I am currently in my work (NSFW), currently holding my emotion to cry. I felt I am jailed, tied up in my chair, or emma say parang naka swero ang chord ng phone sa katawan ko and I can't even leave my post. "Saying "Thank you for calling" all over again. I've been thinking to quit but I am looking forward the salary every 15th and 30th (payday is my motivation). I really wanted to travel perpetually, what should I do, when will be the right time to say that I am already prepared enough. Do I need to work hard and save up harder? Do I need to consider my emotional, psychological and all the factors? When? I know I am uncertain but when?

I need a motivation from you Maam, I already met those travelers like (JAMES BETIA and Rinell Banda) they gave me some inspiring words. 

Anyway, thank you for your Blog. More Power and more success.

Jonathan D. Orbuda

Sole Sister Lois
"We make travel happen"

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