Discovering Jabuyo Falls.

It was 10:30AM on the second day in Baler. Our main destination supposedly that day was the Mother Falls however due to bad weather the security was not allowing us to proceed to the falls. We were not fortunate that time therefore we didn’t pushed our luck to continue the trek because we don’t have a travel insurance in the first place. So, what we did was we went back towards the jump off.

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Surprisingly, due to our disappointment, one local tour guide was approaching us. He offered to bring us to a small waterfalls located in Brgy. Jabuyo. Anyway, Baler is known to various water falls around. Right away, we ride going to the said location, it was just 15 minutes bus ride to get at the jump off.

According to the local tour guide, we are the second group ever to visit Jubuyo Falls.

It was really challenging. During the trek, the whole group was unconsciously subdivided into small groups. Our group was the first on the line and the rest were behind us. The way going to the falls was very dense of wild grass. Furthermore, muddy and small way was surely the main reason why the other trekkers were to slow to walk. They were totally behind us.

The group which I belong was very happy while walking despite of the difficulties. Every one of us loves to take pictures. I was with Elora, Mia, Erwin, Amor, Miss Bully and others.

Before reaching the waterfalls, you will see cemented a water tank which is intended for water supply towards the local of Brgy. Jabuyo. The water is very fresh and cool… You can feel the freshness … In every leaves, due drops exist. The forest is truly virgin.

As per the local tour guide, it takes only forty five minutes to trek however, maybe because we were not used to it, it took almost one hour for us to reach the exact place.

The falls is definably high and very astonishing to see from down under. Water comes from the top of the mountain. We are expecting a basin on it so that we can do swimming but the falls is for picture-taking only. No basin at all so the water from the falls directly flow going to the irrigation system of the said Barangay.

We took pictures as a remembrance of the place. It was very huge disappointment that we were not able to glance the mother falls but blessing in disguise, it’s more important that we prioritize our safety.

After the picture-taking, we went back ahead to the jump off. The group behind us arrived when we already done the picture taking.....


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