🍲 Pizza Hut : Treat yourself to compensate from your hardwork.

I was with my friends for food trip in BGC in Taguig City at Pizza Hut.
Today another food escapade will be my post, it’s gonna be Tadaaaan! Pizza Hut!

Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain, one of the largest restaurant companies which franchised worldwide. It caters various styles of pizza along with side dishes such as salad, pasta, Buffalo wings, breadsticks, garlic bread and desserts.

I was with my friends for food trip in  BGC in Taguig City. Actually, we came from a job interview and after that we decided to grab a bite before going home. We walked throughout the place to search for an affordable food chain. Until our hungry stomach told us to choose the restaurant that I’ve mentioned above.
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Honestly, it was my first time to eat at that restaurant; maybe because I am more into eateries rather than an air-conditioned resto, perhaps I am more on eating cheaper foods or emma say that I can afford it, yeah really!. I have lots of monthly bill to prioritize than spending an amount for luxurious foods lol!

Since BGC is an exclusive area, therefore you cant see any eateries there.

The moment that I’m entering the door, I said to myself that it was the moment of no return and no way out. I am with my friends so there is no way for me to refuse their invitation. Plus the fact that I am already dizzy due to hunger.

We ordered pasta, pizza, salad and soup (combo). It was great experience eating with friends with savory foods. I was surprised that when I took a glance on the menu, it was just PHP99 for all the foods (combo order). Yeah, I just realized, it was not bad spending 99 for a combo meal that will surely satisfy your craving stomach.

 We also need to spend sometimes an amount to treat ourselves in compensation from our hard work.  Allocating a budget for food is not bad especially if we are working for it.

Food…. Food…. Food…. Work hard….. Eat harder……

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