πŸŒͺ️🌧️ Surviving Typhoon Ulysses Alone in My Condo: An Urban Solo Life During Crisis

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  On November 11, 2020, Typhoon Ulysses (Typhoon Vamco) wreaked havoc across the Philippines, bringing with it one of the worst flooding incidents Metro Manila has ever seen. This powerful Category 4-equivalent typhoon struck during an already challenging time—the pandemic—compounding the difficulties many of us faced. As someone living alone in an urban condo, the night Typhoon Ulysses hit was a harrowing experience that highlighted the vulnerabilities and resilience of solo urban living during a crisis.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the eerie sound of howling winds outside my window. The power had gone out, plunging my condo into darkness, and I soon realized that water was leaking into the hallway. With no internet and my phone battery quickly draining, I was left with just a small flashlight to navigate the chaos. The storm raged on, and I could hear the relentless rain and wind battering the building. The sense of isolation was overwhelming, but I knew I had to stay calm and find a way to manage the situation. It was a night that tested my resourcefulness and resolve, a stark reminder of the challenges of living alone in an urban environment during such extreme weather conditions.

Despite the fear and uncertainty, I managed to make it through the night. The experience of facing Typhoon Ulysses alone in my condo was a powerful lesson in preparedness and resilience. It underscored the importance of being ready for emergencies, especially when living alone. While the typhoon caused significant damage and disruption, it also brought out a sense of community and solidarity among neighbors, who came together to support each other in the aftermath. Surviving this crisis has left a lasting impact on me, emphasizing the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity and the importance of being prepared for whatever challenges may come our way.


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