Facing My Fears Again: Living in a Building Turned Quarantine Facility.

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 Living through a pandemic has been an emotional rollercoaster for many, and just when I thought I had found some stability, a new wave of anxiety has hit me hard. Recently, I discovered that our building has been approved as a quarantine facility. This unexpected news has brought back the fear and sleepless nights I experienced during the first two weeks of lockdown. During those initial days, I felt overwhelmed by the uncertainty and constant worry about the virus, but I managed to regain some peace by keeping myself busy and focusing on daily tasks. However, learning about this new development has caused all those buried anxieties to resurface.

In my latest sitdown vlog, I open up about how this situation has affected me mentally and emotionally. It's disheartening that, as of now, there hasn't been a clear explanation from the Bureau of Quarantine on why our building was chosen. This lack of communication only adds to the stress and confusion. I find myself struggling to sleep again and feeling scared to step outside, a stark reminder of the fear I thought I had overcome. Sharing my story through this vlog is not only a way to process my own feelings but also to reach out to others who might be experiencing similar anxieties. Together, we can find strength and support in these challenging times.


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