πŸŽ™️ Episode 6: Why Filipinos Can Hold a Longer Conversation? | Palaging Episode One Podcast

 In Episode 6 of the "Palaging Episode One Podcast," hosts Jonathan Orbuda and William Pombo dive into an intriguing topic: Why Can Filipinos Hold a Longer Conversation? Discover the unique cultural, social, and linguistic factors that contribute to Filipinos' ability to engage in lengthy and meaningful conversations, both virtually and physically.

πŸ“… Episode Highlights:

  • The cultural importance of conversation in Filipino society
  • Social norms and practices that encourage long conversations
  • The role of language and communication styles
  • Virtual vs. physical conversations: Similarities and differences
  • Personal anecdotes and experiences from the hosts

Join us for an engaging discussion that sheds light on the Filipino conversational style and what makes it so unique. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more insightful episodes!


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