Episode 1: πŸŽ™️ Rebellion, Rules, and Embracing Our Bad Side | Jonathan Orbuda & William Pombo

In this engaging podcast episode, join Jonathan Orbuda and William Pombo as they dive into the complexities of following their parent’s house rules and the implications of being a rebellious kid. Does rebellion really make you a bad kid? They explore this question and more, sharing personal stories and insights. 

They’ll also discuss the latest buzz on Netflix, "The School for Good and Evil," and delve into why embracing our bad side can be a powerful part of self-discovery. Plus, Jonathan shares a memorable and eye-opening experience from his first year working in a call center, where he became the victim of a fabricated story.

Tune in for an insightful and entertaining conversation that will leave you reflecting on your own life experiences. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more thought-provoking content!

πŸ“… Episode Highlights:
  • House Rules and Rebellion: Does it make you a bad kid?
  • Netflix's "The School for Good and Evil": Embracing our bad side
  • Jonathan’s call center experience: Dealing with fabricated stories


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