๐ŸŽง My First Radio Guesting Brings Me Back To My Original Dream.

Letting go of your dreams doesn’t mean you’re totally giving up for it. You just have to set it aside and prioritize other things that can help you pursuing your original dream. – Jonathan Orbuda

๐ŸŽง -  I’ve been dreaming that one day my voice can be heard by the people within the specific demographic. Since I was a kid, I kept on listening various radio programs while trying to imagine myself that I am one the hosts. After I graduated and I started working, I didn’t give up my dream. I found a platform that helped me to continue my dream – the podcast. I did a podcast as a sideline every weekends and simultaneously working for a living every weekdays – that was not easy.
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 A Podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can subscribe to so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player. I bought an affordable podcast microphone and started to record topics that are close to my heart.  From then, my exposure in broadcasting became attainable for me.I learned a lot from it. However, I decided to give my podcasting passion due to financial scarcity because I need to pay for the website where I can host my audio files.

I did not consider RADIO as a platform for this (hosting) anymore because penetrating the radio is not easy. Indeed, I also gave up my podcasting due to its maintenance (financially). But the resourcefulness and skills will never stop. Fortunately, I found a new platform recently that I extremely consider as a medium to pursue my dream –youtube. But youtube is not easy as well, because you need to produce video in synch to the audio to produce a story (both visual and auditory) – so called webcast.

Since I enjoyed doing my youtube videos, I almost set aside my dream of being a radio broadcaster instead I opted to become a content creator in my own channel. Undeniably, Youtubing is very similar in radio broadcasting, you just need to be more creative, vibrant and engaging to your audience; and I enjoyed it a lot though it really takes a huge effort to produce content. But the feeling is so glorifying.

Until an opportunity came, I met this youtuber in one of the youtube events. We collaborated for a webcast on his channel – it became viral; and that makes him considered me to guest in his radio show. I was in Bohol when I received that news and upon hearing the word “RADIO”, a flashback happened, the feeling is indescribable specially it was really my original dream – being heard.

But as time goes by, innovation is always changing the lives of the people and it also changes my dream. This day Youtube is the number one platform that I can use to reach my dream.

Watch the video below.

You can watch the full episode here


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