#MotivationalMonday πŸ˜™ The Best Answer To a Question, Why You're Still Single?

On this Photoblog/Plog post - I'll be sharing you how to answer the most difficult question - Why You're Still Single? This Photo was taken inside the compound of Techno-Hub , Quezon City.


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Can you still remember my VLOG post about “why being single is an advantage?” , if not you can watch it here. I did that video due to the fact that a lot of us never see the bright side of being single. We kept on dwelling on the feeling of emptiness. We felt envy deep within every time we see couples holding hands while walking. We even cursed them – “Maghihiwalay din kayo”. I know all of you guys can relate on this because I also experience such feeling.

Indeed, we even feel self-pity every time you go out for a dinner alone and ended up eating on a table full of savoury foods yet no one is sharing with you at the moment. Damn! That’s so painful, isn’t it?

If you are also single in a long span of time (e.g. years or more), your friends, families and workmates will keep on asking the tough question – Why you’re still SINGLE?. That scenario will pressure you to commit into a relationship even if you’re not yet ready. And worst case, you’ll end up to a wrong person that will later on make you more down.

Undeniably, there’s one thing you forget why you’re in hurry to have a relationship and that is indulging your singleness. Why I have the guts to write this, because we are on the same page. I am also single for how many years now and same with you – I went to a situation wherein I questioned myself “What’s wrong with me?”. I even felt down whenever I grabbed a bite in a restaurant alone. On the latter part, it didn’t help me anymore – dwelling on that situation. And that was no longer healthy for me.

To cope up such down moment, I spent my idle time going out with friends, I made myself busy e.i. writing my blogs, editing videos for my YouTube, travelling alone, and focusing on my work so that I can pay my bill. I didn’t dwell on the sad part of being a single yet I take advantage my singleness to evaluate myself , make myself value-laden, and above all I kept this statement into my heart and mind – TRUE LOVE WAITS.

Happy Monday Guys.. And I hope this blog helps you to stay happy for the rest of the week.


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