πŸ“Ή Mystical Experience in the Enchanted Cave of Bolinao, Pangasinan.

Enchanted Cave is one of the attractions that you need to visit in Pangasinan. It is situated in Patar Rd. Bolinao, Pangasinan – which is 10-15 min drives away from Patar Beach. The said attraction is no longer purely “just” a cave, yet it is already developed into a resort style. It is a zen flair of resort wherein you can experience closer to the nature. You can even hear the sound of the tweeting birds and the acoustic of the flowing water from various natural and artificial sources of it.
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πŸ“ΉThe entrance fee per person is amounting to PHP150 and you can maximize the amenities inside the resort. If you’re gonna bring your own car, a separate bill for the parking is somewhat frustrating. Aesthetically, the resort is not a typical resort – the surrounding is abundant of rock formations that add up the character and distinctiveness of the place from the other resort. The place is mystical visually due to the various sceneries that remind me of a fairy tale.

I was supposedly filming my whole experience there but unfortunately the battery of both my camera and phone got empty before I reach the actual cave. The cave is under the ground. You need to pass through in a laddered-narrow hole going down under. When I reached under the ground, there is a 6-ft.natural pool with rope installed around it for safety of the guests. Since that was weekend, the cave was over crowded. The cave’s natural pool is not relaxing for me to swim because of the congestion. I tried to soak and the water is cold but I had hard time breathing. Indeed, that was pretty weird – cold water yet hot atmosphere; and so I decided to get out.

I went back outside and buy some “pasalubong” since there are stores selling local merchandise. There’s also an available eatery right at the entrance but I don’t know the prices of the foods.
Overall, roaming around inside the resort is physically tiring but the urge to see the amazing and picturesque views in all corner of the resort is indescribable
You can watch my incomplete footage below.

πŸ“ Location: Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines

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