When Provincial Ramp Models Walk...

In this Blog post - I am going to feature a video how provincial ramp models compete those urban models when it comes to executing the "WALK".
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When we utter  the words “Ramp and Catwalk Modeling” , we usually associate it with classy  men and women who are living in the urban zone, with  (somewhat ) cozy images that can only be visible in the city. These are individuals who can walk with confidence in front of anybody due to their upbringing – uptown people.

When I went back home to my province (after 13 years)  – Bohol. I never imagine that live mannequins exist in this rural place of San Isidro. In celebration of St. Isidore ‘s Fiesta, Cabanugan people conducted a variety show entitled “Cabanugan Live” – which noticeably an adaptation of Sunday noontime show ASAP

Indeed, several of segments were demonstrated on the said night show – singing, dancing, game-show (I’ll upload all the videos in my youtube channel soon) and above all, modeling. I was surprised on how the modeling segment was executed by the chosen youth from Barangay Cabanugan. The men were so gorgeous; and the women were all visually amazing on their high heels.

Until now, while I’m writing this blog, I can still remember the show – that was remarkable. I never thought that this remote Barangay can produce talented models. Maybe, I just underestimated the aptitude of the natives of this Municipality since it has been 13 years when I left San Isidro. But upon watching these models, I must say –their capacity can obviously compete those veteran models here in Manila.

Watch the video below.

πŸ“ Location: San Isidro, Bohol, Philippines

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