TIP: Use Rack To Arrange Indoor Plants Inside A Small Apartment Unit.

🌵Hello Tansyong Lovers, in this #plantitovlog episode, I will be sharing with you the plant racks that I bought for my Indoor Plants. Enjoy watching!
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Since I am living in a tiny studio-type condo unit that measures 13.5 sqm. So, I have no luxury of moving my plants to different places. In addition, I have so many plants - so Plant Rack is the best option and not Plant stand. 

Plants Racks elevate the pots from the floor which makes it easier to remove the dirt and dust below. The free space below can also be used as storage. I decided to purchase one for my table, one for the floor, and one that fits above the refrigerator.  In fact, there are many reasons why you might benefit from a plant rack, and for me - simply, space-saving and aesthetic. 




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