Buying Expensive Coffee Presser Out of Impulse.

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My plastic pitcher broke and I have nothing to use for cold drinking water that fits on my refrigerator’s compartment. I was reluctant to go outside during mall hours to buy one because I am trying to avoid the crowded areas as there is a surge of Omicron variant – COVID19. Hence, it is essential for me, at least to have a cold water supply and I decided to quickly go to the nearest Home and Kitchen supply store situated in Pavilion, Greenfield District. To my surprise, the security guard told me that the said store where I frequently bought plastic products is already closed for more than one year. I am a patron f such store – Japan Home, as it is affordable. That’s when I realized that it’s been one year that I haven’t visited the said establishment and sadly numerous stores are closed due to pandemics. The place is silent and dark inside so I decided not to head inside anymore.

While I was walking back to my condo unit, I thought of heading to SM Megamall since I am already outside and I have no plan of going outside again unless it is important, then I decided to just go to SM Megamall which is only a 5-minute walk from Pavilion. I’ll check if there is an available pitcher similar to what I had. I went to the department store and found a glass version for the amount of PHP500. 

While sauntering in the department store, I saw a coffee presser and I remembered that my coffee-maker is no longer working. Coffee is my life as someone who worked at night. I decided to buy one; it was amounting to PHP3, 000. Yes, it was expensive and I grabbed it due to impulse, only I realized after that, I haven’t checked the pricing of coffee presser online via Shopee or Lazada for comparison. 

It was funny because I kept reminding myself as part of denial that maybe it is expensive in line with its durability. But honestly, I must admit that I had a little bit of remorse haha. It was not practical because I can already buy 2 coffee makers on the said amount. I admit I failed on that part.

Watch this short video, preparing an iced coffee. 

Despite of somewhat, I called –“little remorse” when it comes to functionality, it did really work. It is just that, every time I am using my newly-purchased coffee presser, I always make sure to handle it with extra care, not to fall on the floor or any reason to get it broken. “Ang Mahal Kaya”, but I really love using it. 

Watch the Vlog:


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