๐Ÿคณ STOP GLAMORIZING IN SOCIAL MEDIA - Put “YOU” in Youtube, Post “SELF” in Selfie.

Dear Tansyong Lovers,

Undeniably, social media content creators nowadays are glamorizing in their post which is requisite. It is… yes… indeed requisite so that - it would be more visually appealing to you guys. I tried to emulate the trend to the point that I became fake to myself just to go with the flow. Faking statuses, fabricating positive stories and emotions – those tricks just for the so-called “likes”; but these made me sick later on.

Romanticizing everything made me crazy and it was disturbing since I can’t be consistent towards these curative posts. Social media taught me to embody a person who I was not – perfect. Tulad nito, English ako ng English pero sa loob ko, hirap na hirap na- e.g. things like that.

Pero natutunan ko na baguhin ang sarili ko. “LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS” and share it on your social media without hesitation that people might not accept it due to the fact that it isn’t the norms in social media. As long as you’re happy in yourself, the first entity that will first accept you is “YOU”.

Post your real “YOU”, don’t get scared if you commit mistake lalo na sa grammar, wag matakot Makita ang malalaki mong pores at oily mo na mukha, wag kabahan !
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Put “YOU” in youtube, Post “SELF” in Selfie.

Pasensya na at medyo madrama ang post ko na ito. Hormonal imbalance ata ito. Charot!

Salamat at patuloy parin kayo na nandiyan sa akin. Mamatay man ako sa kinauupoan ko, Mahal na mahal ko kayo.



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