πŸ“Ί How I Set Up my Simple Entertainment Area in a Small Condo Unit?

Urban Deca Tower EDSA,Living in the Philippines,Metro manila,urban deca tower mandaluyong,philippines,youtube philippines,lifestyle,living in small condo unit,how to design small condo space,microliving,tiny house philippines,design small room,condo in manila,interior design,city living,design small apartment,living big in a tiny house,small apartment tour,mandaluyong city,room tour,metro manila philippines,house tour I’ve been dreaming of having my own simple entertainment area since I started to dwell my small condo unit. From the day that I bought my Smart TV – I was thinking of mounting it on my wall but I was reluctant since it would be permanently attached and no way out after that. And so, I really planned it where to mount to avoid regrets later on.

How to mount 49 inches Smart TV on the wall, RGB Led Light for TV,Mircoliving Improvement,Small Room Design,Tiny Apartment Renovation,How to attach RGB Led Light on TV and Monitor,Unboxing Lazada RGB Led Light,Technology Vlog, Urban Deca Tower Edsa Mandaluyong Review Small Review,  RGB LED Flexible TV Backlight Wardrobe Strip Light With 44Key IR Controller, Home Decor Condo,My New Entertainment Area Set Up - TV WALL MOUNTING with RGB Led Light.  Hello Tansyong Lovers, sobrang happy ako lately sa naging result ng aking baging set up for my New Entertainment Area. I decided to mount my Smart TV on my wall and put RGB Led light at the back of it. I never imagine na sobrang laki ng pinagbago. At sobrang excited ako na i-share sa inyo ito.
On July sixteen, I asked our in-house handyman to drill my wall and mount my TV on it. At the same day, I ordered an RGB Led Light in Lazada online shop as an additional accessory to make it more visually pleasing. I really prioritized my entertainment area than other condo improvements that I am planning because I spent most of my idle time on weekends and after work - watching Netflix, editing videos and listening to music

With that being said, I will share a video about it so that instead of you reading, you can just watch it and enjoy.
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