πŸŽ™ EP10 πŸ’† - A Story of a Pinoy S3x Worker

Allen is a 30-year old masseur from Pampanga who fights his own battle at the urban zone in Manila. He was 24 when he first worked in a massage parlor in Cubao w/o the awareness of how the business really operates. The scarcity of resources is the major reason why he became a masseur.

“Mahirap talaga ang buhay sa probinsya at high school lang ang natapos ko” he said.

He wanted to earn money for his family when he got married.

“How would you describe your work in one word?” I asked.

“Fisherman – because just like a fisherman – sometimes there’s abundance and there scarce, “he said with teary-eyed.

“I am responsible in my own paddle” he added.

Allen became famous in a Forum “FR Central “- portal where-in clients shared common significance - massage and extra service. The majority of his clients gave him kudos and positive feedback.

“ARTISTA NGA KUMUKUPAS – AKO PA NA MASAHISTA” – he emphasized those words.

Upon hearing those words – it made me realized that all of us are created in fairness. There are reasons why Allen entered this kind of job – a job that the society condemned. However, in reality, this society is also a stakeholder why masseurs exist. And so never judge anybody because in every person’s course of action – there‘s an underlying reason. You just have to open your mind and pay attention to their story.

Listen to this controversial and emotional episode hosted by Jonathan Orbuda.
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