๐ŸŒˆ I Love Tansyong TV Conducts SOGIE 101 to LGBTQIA Youngsters in Binangonan, Rizal

Binangonan, Rizal -  an orientation was successfully organized by an LGBT activist Ruffa Florida for the purpose of giving information to a specific group of youth when it comes to LGBT issues. Mainly, it tackles SOGIE 101 or simply S3xual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, which discussed by the I Love Tansyong TV founder Jonathan D. Orbuda. The said informal meeting held in Barangay Upper Batingan, Municipality of Binangonan

BTA members are concentrating on every single detail about SOGIE
Florida 24, a hetero-woman is known for supporting LGBT activities from small to huge gatherings among Rizalian* clans.
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Nakakatuwa kasi kasama ang mga LGBT (I enjoyed their company), natuto ako ( I also learned ) from them .Magaan ang loob ko sa kanila.( They are easy to go with)”Florida said.

Florida invited the clan** members of “Boyz Town Academy (BTA)” –the famous MSM*** (men having s3x with men) clan in the country- to attend the eyeball****. She targeted the Rizal Chapter aged 16-27 years old. The attendees are from Municipality of Antipolo, Binangonan, Cardona, Tanay, Morong, and Angono wherein they spent whole night for the said get-together.

Moreover, Jonathan D. Orbuda delivered the orientation on what are the differences between S3xual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression.

Masaya ako na naipamahagi ko ang kaalaman ko sa mga batang ito( I am glad to share my knowledge to these youth.” Orbuda said.

Naging clan founder din ako nung kasing edad ko sila( I used to be a founder of a clan when I was young) , at nakita ko ang sarili ko sa kanila ( and I can see myself to them) – ang maling pagkakakilanlan sa sarili nila ( the failure to identify one’s self ) at sa maling information na nakatatak sa kamalayan nila dahil sa kakulangan ng kaalaman ( and misinformation they learnt )” he added. Orbuda focused on the differences between Lesbian, Gay, Bis3xual and Transgender. 

“They consider gay to be someone dressed as a girl (cross-dressing) but if you’re dressed as a guy you’re considered Bis3xual which is wrong information. And so, I emphasized the context of SOGIE”, Orbuda explained.

After the gathering, food and beverages were served.

“Natuto ako talaga sa (I learnt so much from the) discussion .Na-realize ko kasi na sa clan namin ( I just realized that within my clan) , may discrimination din - kasi bawal sumali ang mga pa-girl at crossdresser ( we discriminate effeminates and cross dressers). Napagtanto ko na discriminated na nga tayo sa lipunan( I realized that we are already discriminated within our society) , tayo- tayo pa ang nagdi (but we also)- discriminate within our LGBT community.” JM from Antipolo shared.

Rizalian* - Inhabitants in Rizal Province.

Clan**- informal group of (mainly) men 
who have s3x with men whose main ways 
of staying connected is by using
 technological advances – e.g. mobile phones/gadgets
 and the Internet ( Outrage Magazine).

MSM*** -Men having slept with men 
but not necessarily that they 
are neither gay nor bimale.

Eyeball****. - A random or planned
 meet up with two of more
 individuals mainly to socialize.

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