πŸ“Έ HOW HARD DID AGING HIT YOU? #10YearsChallenge.

Majority of us do not admit the fear of getting old, getting petrified of the wrinkles that sooner will exist in our faces, and the freshness will start to evaporate as time goes by. Our minds tried to ignore the beauty of life as we focus on how we become aesthetically pleasant and we forgot where we came from, how we started?

Recently, a unified hashtag became a trend in social media #10YearsChallenge and #HowHardDidAgingHitYou. It became viral as you’re challenged to post your picture 10 years ago and your recent picture adjacent to it in your social media account. Undeniably, it is fun to browse your old photos so that you can join such an online challenge and at the same time you’re reminiscing your happy memories.


πŸ“ΈI decided to look for my old pictures and here are some of my old photos.

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I was in my second-year college. We're creating a video for our LAW subject.

My first time in the Manila Bulletin Printing Building in Intramuros City

With my Classmates Economistas’ Outing the Cheapest Way Possible in Siniloan, Laguna.

Night Scene in Thunderbird Resort, Binangonan Rizal

Visiting Vicente Manansala Historical Landmark in Binangonan Rizal.

This was my first time to go to Thunderbird Resort in Rizal with my colleges from the University's Publication.  

 This picture - I must say, this was the moment that I wanted to delete in my past. Let's just don't talk about it.

Remember that days when you rent a VCD or DVD in video city. Those where the days when Netflix doesn't exist and we never thought it will exist.

When I was college, I joined numerous school organizations and it shows in this picture on how I was tired of all those extracurricular activities aside from my academics obligation. 

PGT aka Pilipinas Got Talent, Yeah! I also auditioned there one time. Mataas lang talaga pangarap ko when I was young but I didn't make it. 

LOOK AT THAT HAIRSTYLE - Long back hairstyle was becoming a trend at some point in my college days. It was really fun looking at these pictures and remembering how I looked like that time. 

When I started working and earning money for myself. I had this experience wherein I spent the majority of my earning into parties, bars and having a fun time with "friends". It was just a stage that I had no regret when I became older but it taught me a lot.

I was once a TAMBAY SA COMPUTER SHOP, this was my college days wherein I have to spend much time in the internet shop with friends to avoid staying at home. 

My first call center was in ALORICA  located in Alphaland Magallanes. I had fun working there and I learned how to survive in a stressful environment - CALL CENTER.

During my college, I enrolled in ROTC as an elective and the fun part was I even joined a training to become a cadet officer. Until now, I don't even recall as to why I let myself involved in difficult training - maybe I just want to prove something.  

I also joined a HipHop Dance Group during my college even though it was just a short span of time. 

It shows in my smile the success of my Thesis Defense.  

This was my OJT aka on job training in MERALCO main office at the Salary and Benefits Department.

When I was 16, at that time when the popular Rakista looks went popular. At this early age, I already worked in a Bakeshop somewhere in Caloocan for a living. 

My childhood was fun since I grew up with my grandparents in the province of Bohol. 

What I remembered during my college life - I really loved getting pierce. I had piercing in my nose line, my both nipple has a ring, my navel, and etcetera.

This was during our Brainstorming session with The Pillar Publication when I was college. We went to a hill located in Tayuman, Binangonan Rizal just to gather our ideas and put in writing for the next issue of the University's magazine.

With my cousin when I was 14 years old in the Province of Bohol where I grew up and spent my childhood there.


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