๐Ÿ“Œ How To Go To Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary ,Corella, Bohol To Witness The Smallest Monkey in the World?

Hello Tansyong Lovers, in this video blog – watch until the end as I’ll tour you inside the “Philippine Tarsier Foundation” to hunt the smallest in the world. This blog post is part of my Bohol Travel 2018 so better scroll down and enjoy the video. And I'll also give you a tip on how to go to Philippine Tarsier Foundation the cheapest way possible.

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With the mission of  establish a forest reserve in the island of Bohol which shall serve as the sanctuary of the Philippine tarsier; to protect and manage the tarsier sanctuary through the active participation of local communities; to establish and preserve a wildlife research laboratory for the study of the ecology and biology of the Philippine tarsier; to establish and uphold visitor facilities for ecotourism and disseminate information material about the Philippine tarsier with emphasis on the species' protection and conservation , The Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Incorporated (PTFI) was established  in 1996.

The said non profit, Non-stock Corporation is based in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines, but the sanctuary itself is located in the Municipality of Corella. It is being supported by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Tourism (DOT) eve if it is run by a private sector.  You can visit the 8.4-hectare (20.7-acre) sanctuary or forest reservation in Corella but the viewing area that can be accessible to all tourists is just one hectare wherein you have to pay for an entrance fee of PHP60 (as of May 2018).

Once you visit, you can expect a reception and souvenir counter, an exhibit area, an audio-visual room, restrooms, and administration offices. Outside is a lounge deck, and nearby a parking lot and you can also see few signages that give you some trivia about tarsier e.g. “Tarsier can only have one baby per year”,  “Tarsier cannot survive in a cage”, and “Tarsier s commit suicide once get stressed due to noise pollution”.

Moving inside the “viewing 10 hectare forest”, you will experience such “green feeling” which visually relaxing seeing those trees and shrubs. The visitor’s guide will then approach you and brings you to where the tarsiers can be viewed. They‘re hiding on the branches of the woody grasses which is unfortunately – it is really difficult to obtain a perfect shot for Instagram. It was actually my first time to visit the place but I already touched and took a picture with a living tarsier way back 2013 in Sagbayan Peak (unfortunately as of May 2018 it is no longer available).

Unlike in Sagbayan Peak back then, tarsiers were confined in a huge cage that gave the feeling of the animals living in the wild forest. But in Corella, the tarsiers are living freely in their natural habitat.

How to go to Corella, Bohol?

Going there is so easy, though I went there via private car but nothing to worry about, it is very accessible.

Via Public Transport:

From Seaport or Airport get into a tricycle and tell driver to take you to Sikatuna Jeepney Terminal (This is right infront of Island City Mall). Fare is P100.00 per tricycle.

From Sikatuna Jeepney Terminal, get into a Jeepney bound to Sikatuna via Corella. (Just anybody there which jeepney passes by Philippine Tarsier Foundation. )This jeepney drops you off to Philippine Tarsier Foundation. Fare is P17.00. Tell the driver of the jeepney that you are headed to Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella.

Upon arrival there is a huge signage and rough road, take it and walk for 300 meters to the Research Building where you will pay P60.00 entrance fee and have a guide to show you around the sanctuary and where to see the tarsiers.

Going Back, just take a jeepney headed to Tagbilaran. And yes it is safe to hitch hike here. Fare is P15.00 for jeepney.

Via Tricycle:

From Airport or seaport or anywhere in Tagbilaran City, take a tricycle and ask driver to take you to Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella One way is P150 per tricycle, round trip is P500 when driver waits for you.
Via Car:

Make sure to contact a trusted travel agency. Tell them to take you to Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella. Fare is P500 per car and P1,000 round trip from Tagbilaran City.

Via Habal Habal

You can look for a Habal Habal in Dao Terminal; fare is within PHP400-500

๐Ÿ“ Location: Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, Tarsier Sunctuary Rd, Corella, Bohol, Philippines

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