🌳 What To Expect in Bohol's Man-Made Forest?

Hello Tansyong Lovers, in this #vlog - join me kasi pupunta tayong Man-made forest sa Bohol and experience the "TWILIGHT MOVIE " feeling.

I grew up in the Province of Bohol; but I’ve never been to this Man-made forest. When I was young, I only saw the beauty of this forest thru the prints of the calendars that we received during Christmas.  Undeniably, because I was young that time, I don’t have any capacity to rent a car nor travel. Unfortunately, I don’t have any resources that moment.  It is too ironic that I had a chance now to visit this place which took me 18 years to reach that dream since I left Bohol and decided to stay in Manila for good. Maybe because I have now the financial freedom to visit any places as I am already working; I never ever deleted this “Man-made Forest” in my bucket list anyway.
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Bilar Man-made Forest is a mahogany forest laying the stretch of a 2KM road located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. This forest became a tourist destination due its uniformed-planted trees which is “picture-perfect”.  Indeed, it is really amazing place for all new visitors because you can really feel the rapid change of the temperature once you get in the area. Seemingly you’re abroad because of its cold feeling, green surroundings, and wild ambiance yet the road is very well-maintained.

Noticeably, the 2KM road is essentially clean and it is understandable that there is a third-party exists who cleans the sides of the road regularly. I’m not sure if it is being maintained by Local Government Units or a Private Sector. Also, I’m not totally sure if there is enough lighting system at night which is I think – a requisite since it has crooked road.

During day time, since it became a must visit place, you expect a numerous tourist roaming around and innumerable parked- vehicles which became more challenging on how to take pictures without those. In addition to that, since it is a public road, expect that there will be buses and cars passing by every now and then which is dangerous to the tourist.

My cousins (left) Vitaliano Bastasa, (center) Rosemarie Bastasa and (left) Jonathan Orbuda.

We stayed there for only a span of 30mins to take videos and pictures and had no chance to totally indulge the place because we had to strictly follow our itinerary. But overall, I really love the place despite of having hard time to take perfect shots due to its numerous visitors and cars that defeat the purpose of a “forestry motif shot”. It was my first time to see such place anyway.

“Friend ! Ang ganda , parang nasa Twilight Movie, feeling ko vampire ako” , uttered by William Pombo, my travel buddy.

Yeah right, it reminds me even the tentacles of a giant octopus, in the “Lord of the Rings” movie while staring at the protrude roots of the trees. The place is quite mystical and might be creepy during late afternoon onwards since the dense trees and branches extremely stop the light to enter within the vicinity.

πŸ“ Location: Loay Interior Road, Bilar, Bohol, Philippines

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