🏳️‍🌈 Openly Gay Cop from New York Tries Filipino Delicacies,

In this video, Carlos Tony Crespo a youtuber from New York joined me as I introduced him some Filipino Delicacies. Crespo is the first openly gay cop in New York who received a medal of honour because of his heroic deed.
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Carlos is all the way from U.S. and he dropped-by in my place to visit me. I offered him some Filipino Delicacies and let him eat those. Carlos Crespo also known as Tony is one of the 69 police officers awarded a medal of valor. Indeed, he is the first openly-gay cop who received it due to his heroic act when he was still there.

According to New York Times , Officer Crespo was working at the 24th Precinct on the Upper West Side on Sept. 5, 1995, when a knife-wielding man lunged at another officer. As his colleague fought with the attacker, Officer Crespo tried to knock the knife away and was stabbed in the chest. He and another officer then shot the intruder dead, but a stray bullet hit Officer Crespo in the knee. Officer Crespo suffered a collapsed lung and was out of action for four months.

After 20 years of service, he retired and start travelling and creating video for his channel. And now, he is visiting Philippines. I am honoured to have him in my channel.

In this video, I let him try the popular Filipino Delicacies –eg, Chicaron, Yema, Piaya, Sampaloc, Tira-Tira, Banana Chips, Penoy and Balot. ChicharrΓ³n is a dish generally consisting of fried pork belly or fried pork rinds; chicharrΓ³n may also be made from chicken, mutton, or beef. While Yema is a type of Filipino candy named after the Spanish term for egg yolks – mixed of condense milk.

Watch the video below:

Piaya sometimes spelled piyaya, is a muscovado-filled unleavened flatbread from the Philippines especially common in Negros Occidental where it is a popular delicacy. It is made by filling dough with a mixture of muscovado and glucose syrup. The filled dough is then flattened with a rolling pin, sprinkled with sesame. Sampaloc is a sweetened tamarind. Tira-tira is made of old coconut cooked in brown sugar. And Banana Chips are chopped fried banana with glaze. Lastly, Penoy is an unfertilized duck egg without yolk formation when screened against a lighted candle or electric bulb also known as the candling process; while balut is the fertilized one.


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